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“son of random facts” – part 1 of 25 stupid details…in pictures
February 17, 2009, 10:40 pm
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since i was last tagged with a 25 random fact list…about 10 other facebookies have tagged me with that again!

so, i’m going to random fact it up again….one at a time.  and the facts might not be just random: they might be lame, they might be embarrassing, they might be titillating…

so…one at a time, with pictures.

“son of random facts” number 1-

i have freakishly small hands.  exhibit a:

tiny2my feet are normal size, but what’s up with them there dainty patties????

but you know what?  i have many things wrong with me, and like those other goofy things….

tinythe dogs don’t care.  they love me, tiny hands and all.


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are palm readers flumoxed? are they staring at my hand…wondering what to say . . . without frightening me?

Comment by goodbear

Look at the bright side – with the backdrop of your dainty hands all the treats you give out look really big…

Comment by Hannah

Little hands are useful! You can rescue things that have fallen into little places.

Comment by Laura

Well sure, anything is going to look small if you hold it up in front of that great big sky …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Small hands, big heart.

Comment by forkboy

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