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random fact #3 – i couldn’t be farther from perfect
February 20, 2009, 6:52 am
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there’s perfect…then there’s me. the antithesis.

i don’t do dishes promptly.  i freak out when my car dies.  i don’t pay bills on time.  i double book.

aging2i’m getting older.  i’m getting bigger.  i have wrinkles. and arthritis in my left ankle.  while we’re at it…my electric toothbrush died.

i watch survivor. i don’t empty my cf cards on time.

you get the picture.

random fact # 3- i’m deliciously and unforgivably flawed.


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Yeah but…’s your freakin weather?

Comment by PennyCat

What do you double-book?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

“Deliciously flawed”: Right on! You should have a tee-shirt that sez, “Flaud and Prowed of It” or something like that.

Comment by lavenderbay

I should look so good!

Comment by S. Le

Don’t worry….we blondes just have to stick together.

Comment by forkboy

that bottom picture is cool.

“i don’t do dishes promptly. i freak out when my car dies. i don’t pay bills on time. i double book.” and this sounds like my kinda girl.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

When did u get your hair cut? I love it.

Comment by Gina

thanks gina! i think it was just before christmas.

Comment by goodbear

Geesch…thats not bad at all..i have so many flaws I think im being recalled

Comment by T and R

Fabulous picture. I LOVE your hair style too.

Comment by tam

thanks tam. i told her i wanted to look sporty and sassy, and not at all like an elder senator woman.

Comment by goodbear

Without flaws, one would not know perfection.
You have a beautiful mouth.

I’ve enjoyed your blog and will be looking more closely at the bees in my yard this year.


Comment by MojaveMike

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