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the antics of cody bear and pickles…orrrrr…why i don’t wear sexy jammies
February 20, 2009, 4:43 pm
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i learned this morning, oh just about dawn, that i can pop over a fence if need be.  (intrigued?)

and remember the other day when i said i had a back log of blog topics?  one is the coyote incident which we’ll get into later.  it involves a giant chicken and me redoubling my efforts to not leave the dogs unattended in the yard…

moving on:  we all know cody bear enjoys treeing cats.  since his last successful treeing, i have been religiously opening the back door, saying “wait” scanning yard to make sure there are know dangers, then releasing the dogs one at a time.

such was the case this morning.  out of bed, slippers on, to the door.

huntingdogthe dogs instantly started happily running laps.  i went in to turn on the heat, then went right back out again …only to see pickles running up the street beyond our fence.

i ran to the fence yelling. i couldn’t see them.  i yelled “cody bearrrr pickles NOW!”  pickles ran all the way to me, cody ran half way, then stopped, wagged his tail and gave me the “come look at my kitty prize” look.  pickles ran off again, but kept coming back…while i scaled the wire fence….in my pajamas and slippers.  pickles came when called again. i picked her up and gently….through her back over the fence. yeah…i know…that’s not really gentle, but she kept running around and it was for her own safety.

cody bear had given up on the cat and was already searching for more.  i got to about ten feet of him and he walked up to me.

i can’t hurl that big guy up and over the fence.  he weighed in at 47.5 at the vet tuesday.  so i walked him up the street, and around the house to the actual gate.  past the construction crew that had assembled.  past the kids waiting for the school bus.

this is why i sleep in my sweat shirt and jammy pants.  because….ya just never know when you might have to scale a fence.

note:  pickles got out again after breakfast.  but i was there and saw where the breach in the perimeter was.  and yes…she came back when i called her.  so glad we’ve been training!


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Wow – what an exciting morning you had! I’m glad everybody made it through the incident unscathed!

Comment by Laura

yeah, I’d say that it’s good to wear sweatpants as jammies.
Thank goodness for training, indeed.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

hurling pickles….is that a new olympic event? The Pickle Toss 2009

Comment by pennycat

I couldn’t scale a fence if it were a fish!

Comment by S. Le

I don’t know…..maybe the sexy pj’s would have inspired the construction types to render assistance?

Comment by forkboy

Glad you were able to recapture everyone — and I look forward to seeing you compete at the Olympic dog-hurling event!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

ROFL, except for the shivery parts of the story. I can picture the construction workers at their various supper tables tonight, giving their mates a good chuckle. At least you made someone’s day, even if your own didn’t go smoothly.

Comment by lavenderbay

Cody and Pickles are training YOU for agility class!!!

Comment by PennyCat's HF

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