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ouch ouch ouch…ooohhh, pineapple!
February 22, 2009, 8:05 pm
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today, after an hour long walk in the park with the munchkins, i put a pineapple in my kombi bike’s basket and rode to my best friends house.


he gave me the pineapple last week, but i was under the notion that you needed an incredible amount of body strength to cut it up so he would need to cut it up for me.  i was very wrong.  i ate half the fruit and rode back home.

yes, it’s bungeed.  you never know: you could hit a bump, or….a 7 year old could ride into you and tip you over letting the contents of your basket spill onto the ground and you laying there like an idiot while she wheels off on her training wheels. (not that that has ever happened to me or anything…)

here’s why i needed the lazy pineapple trek:

immediately after cody bear and pickles emancipated themselves friday morning, i had to rush to work.  my hero, amanda jones, had rented the studio!  what an opportunity:  me trying to get my dog photography business rolling, her, the best dog photographer in the world, in our studio.  it was so cool.  she is such a really nice person and so calm with the dogs and people.  even after 4 hours of shooting with the same client, she never, not once, acted irritable!

anyway, soaking it all in and being a sycophant is quite exhausting,  as it turns out.  it was exciting.  then, on the drive home: the emotional collapse of realizing…i will never be as good as amanda jones.

wake up early saturday. sister calls with bad news from home. out the door by 7:30 to take photos at 3 different venues.  i didn’t get home till noon and i was so sore. up and down click up and down click click click.  i shot over 600 frames of dogs yesterday.

rush home, pick up pickles for class.  after class….the mall. (i HATE the mall.)  but i needed to pick up the harajuku lovers handbag for the birthday girl.  and some jeans.  (wardrobe malfunction at work this week!)

after more bad news from home, birthday party for apie at cucina italiano.

today is so much more relaxed, but i have to fit all of saturday and sunday stuff in before i go back to work tomorrow.  the schedule was tiring, but i think it’s the bad news from home and the feeling that someone is stabbing me in the ankle joint with a steak knife that are running me down the most.

so that’s why i didn’t have time to blog lately.  i’m going to start dishes and laundry now.  rub some dog bellies.  you know the routine…

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Gracious. Your weekend was very busy! Sorry to hear you have bad news from home. Your pup pictures are fantastic. I enjoy them very much.

Comment by tam

thanks tam! for the sweet words and the mention of the dog pix.

Comment by goodbear

I always, ALWAYS bungee my pineapples. They are tricky fruit.

Hope the ankle is better soon! I wish I had your energy.

Comment by S. Le

I have never heard of Amanda Jones, but I have heard of you. Ergo, you are better than Amanda Jones. Q.E.D.

Sorry to hear you have bad news. 😦

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

“Seven-year-old sentenced to three months clicker training following hit-and-run.”

Comment by lavenderbay

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