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field trip! pickles and i trod through the sands…

hello dog fans!

i took pickles on a field trip today!  it was gorgeous out, so we packed up our water and our cheesy bites, i slathered on the sunscreen and we headed out to good ole’ sandy bottom west.

meandpicklesher training has been going so well so  i thought, “let’s amp it up a bit.”  i took her to the inlet where there are wildlife smells, other off leash dogs popping up randomly, road apples, brickabrack.

today i was hoping she would venture off every now and then, then we would work on her recall.

‘cept, um…miss pickles wouldn’t leave my side.  she wasn’t scared….she just wanted to heal.  finally she figured it out, “all this land is mine!”

then she found something interesting/scary.  of all the brickabrack, riffraff, flotsom…she finds the one thing in the entire area that…isn’t natural. some one had made a pile of large rock and a bent piece of rebar.

pickleswhat-theshe creeped towards it.  “what the?” once she got really close i clicked, then gave her a treat, which prompted her to get even more close.  then she was over it!  (gotta love the clicker!)

she was perfectly content smiling up at me and not going more than 20ft away, so i put her in a down stay one time, walked away, then called her.


it’s like i can’t even get her to be bad.  cow pies. “leave it.” “ok.”

once i was too late with the leave it and she spit the cow pie out.

and here is the happy border collie now:

greetings from pickles!  wish you were here!

greetings from pickles! wish you were here!


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That is the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen!

Comment by mutts & such

that place looks like some fun … and i’m totally jealous of that weather. i can’t wait to need some sunscreen!

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

Pickles, wish I was there…

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Is it called “Sandy Bottom” because… erm…

Comment by S. Le

Yes, it is snowing here. I could do with a sandy bottom soon.

Comment by S. Le

Good for you two! I decided I’m going to write a really positive entry today, too, called “Fergus May Not Be the Sociopath I Thought He Was”. Okay, title needs work.

Comment by lavenderbay

You know….as much as I love my cats (and the dogs) it is your first picture that clearly states the difference between the two: dogs just love to be with their family.

Comment by forkboy

true forkboy. no one has ever really needed me before, then….i got dogs. and all of the sudden i’ve the center of someone’s world!

Comment by goodbear

Good work, Pickles! But the beach without an ocean just confuses me … 😉

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I knew a girl named Sandy Bottom once.

Comment by Debora

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