cody bear's friends

mid-day in the garden of cody bear and pickles.
February 23, 2009, 5:25 pm
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how lunch goes:

in the mornings pickles is in a crate.  a full day as free range pickles is too long at her age.  she could get into ….trouble.

but after lunch she’s allowed to move about the cabin freely while i’m at work.

so, i come home and i open the door.  i’m greeted by a very happy cody bear who leads me to the couch (which is really a day bed) and he hops up for cuddling.   we’ve always done this, so it can’t change now that i have pickles.

then, i open pickles’ crate and i tell her to wait.  6 feet away cody bear is spinning and smiling and wagging. the second i say “ok pickles” he barks and pounces in front of her and then races to the back door spinning and checking to see if she’s coming. lunchpouncesee the puffy cheeks?  that’s pre-bark.  if she stops to snuggle me for a tiny moment he comes back and spins.  “let’sgolet’sgolet’sgo!”  (everyone was so concerned cody bear wouldn’t like his baby sister, but he loves her even more than i imagined!)


bidnessthey make peepers and she immediately starts chewing.

and chewing.

pickleschewingsometimes pickles comes off as a lazy border collie.  but really, she’s more of a night owl.  like me she kind of perks up around 4 tonight she is going to a cookout.   cody can’t go because the neighbors there have two dogs that hate him, that he hates back.

of note, pickles is apparently still barking like a lunatic anytime i leave with cody bear.


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CB sure does love his little sister, doesn’t he?

Comment by forkboy

A night-owl collie? Maybe she could be trained as a hamsterherd.

Comment by lavenderbay

I love the picture of Codybear in his lunchtime play bow.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Now, really, what sort of trouble could a young uncrated dog left alone all day get into? I’m sure I can’t think of anything that might happen …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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