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what can i get you to drink, blog-associates?
February 23, 2009, 11:23 pm
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son of random fact #4.  (grack! i’m just on #4?!  i better speed up my random…ness)

latte-copyventi-non-fat-3 pump-vanilla-latte….HOT!

i rarely deviate.  but, i don’t go to coffee spots enough for people to recall my drink.  and i can’t drink  coffee in the morning.  i just can’t handle it!

in fact, i can’t even eat breakfast till at least 8:30!  which means i have to eat breakfast at work.

what are YOUR coffee preferences?

have you ever had a peanut butter mocha?  i’m too scared to try…


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Venti Caramel Mocha with Whip and extra caramel drizzle…so damn good, yet so damn bad. I cannot have it again lest I lose all self control and drown myself in a pool of caramel drizzle goodness..

Comment by yocme

that DOES sound incredible!

Comment by goodbear

I sometimes get a monkey mocha- hot, at the coffee shop on campus.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

black. hot. thick as motor oil. strong as espresso. i even like to get a few grounds stuck in my teeth. that’s yum right there, i tell ya. yum.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

what’s a monkey mocha, buzzy?

Comment by goodbear

mtp, that sounds like a rugged guy’s coffee right there!

Comment by goodbear

I always fall for the exotic names – if they slap Sumatran, Kenyan or Ethiopian in the name I’ll order it. I must admit, my favorite order is at a neighborhood place that gives me the opportunity to say “I’d like a tall Guatamalan”. I don’t know why that makes me smile but is the mind works in strange ways in the precaffeinated am.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

I’ve never event heard of a PB mocha! Sheesh! I was a dedicated vanilla soy latte girl. Around the holidays I’ll sway toward the white choco pep mocha. These days I’ve devoted my life to the Vanilla Rooibus latte (soy most of the time). It is DELICIOUS! I was worried about ordering it at first because 1. I don’t like tea and 2. I didn’t know how to pronounce it. So 1. I was brave and desperately want to like to tea and so I tried this 2. looked it up – roybus.

Comment by Christina

If it’s a cool day, Caramel Macchiato. If it’s a hot day, Java Chip. Mmmmm, Java Chip ….

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Either Hazelnut or French Vanilla, cream or whole milk, low or no sweet.

Comment by S. Le

McDonalds. Better coffee by far.

Comment by forkboy

Cream if there’s any, black if there’s only milk. No sugar.
Occasionally a cafe au lait, but ONLY if it’s in a bowl.
Rarer still, a cafe creme aka caffe con panne (sp?), which is an espresso topped with whipped cream.

Comment by lavenderbay

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