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harbingers on translucent wing
February 24, 2009, 8:24 pm
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oochy, what a fun lunch i had!

first of all, i felt my first bee of the season when i was stung!  a native bee. a sweat bee, in fact.  it was exciting because it is the harbinger of many bees to come.

then, while watering the plants i SAW my first native bee of the season.  an augochlorini, doing bee type things on my yellow sedum flower.



i found two petrified june beetles!

(d’ja ever see the movie “junebug?” i liked it.)

oh, and hell no, i wouldn’t be holding the beetle if it was alive.  i’m not quite there yet people.  i leave all the heavy lifting to buzzybeegirl!  she leaves the grillin’ to me.

so…there will be many bug lighting excursions this summer.  not to mention the garlic harvest in late may. (a very delicious weekend, indeed!)  so grab beers and head over!

woah….someone’s getting a little to excited about the spring.  please excuse me.


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Beetles, bees, garlic and beer. It sounds like a promising spring! Be sure to throw in a little feral cat chasing to keep the bear happy.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

It must be nearly Spring. Parts of my balcony are now clear of ice and snow.

Comment by lavenderbay

aiiiiieeeeeee jiant beetel!!!!!!!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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