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and the crowd went willllllddd!
February 25, 2009, 2:24 pm
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oh dear, pickles missed cody bear sooo much last night.  i have been aware that pickles barks incessantly whenever i leave with cody.  my neighbor has made it clear.  about 20 minutes after i left with the bear last night, we drove by the house.  pulled up a house away, creeped up with windows down.

no barking.  2 hours after leaving we returned.  we creeped up, windows down.

no barking!

but he certainly was missed

agret1it was a ten minute love fest.

kiss kiss kiss.  she was practically jamming her head in his mouth.

agret2wait no, she actually was jamming her face in his mouth.  he finally had to put his paw down. “stop making such a scene!”

agretpick“oh! you’re back too mom!  hello…”

where were cody bear and i all night?  it was his triumphant return to agility!  last week the vet cleared him to try it again.  she said that physically he was tip top!  but we should try it once and if he didn’t do well, don’t do it anymore.  she said he might not enjoy it like he used to, or might not want to compete with pickles.

well, he did really well.

what a coincidence that both cody bear and tiger woods are making a return to sports this week!  i wonder if it will turn out as well for tiger…


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As long as Cody leaves Tiger in charge of getting the birdies. Glad to hear Cody had such a good time last night!

Comment by lavenderbay


Comment by S. Le

that kissy thing is kind of grossly cute. Edi and honey have that same relationship. Although, I don’t think Edi feels as strongly as honey. Pickles smile on the last photo sure says it all…”Mom, don’t ever take me away from my brother…nom nom nom.”

Comment by mutts & such

I’d be much more likely to buy a product endorsed by Cody Bear and Pickles than one endorsed by Tiger Woods.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Baby girls should always love their big brothers.

Comment by forkboy

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