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i got hit with some honest scrap.
February 25, 2009, 6:06 am
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having been tagged by one of my favorite bloggers and blog friends, lavenderbay, i will now list my 10 “HONEST SCRAP” list.

honest-scrap-awardfast and furious, the list goes as follows:

1. in 1995 i discussed literature with the current mayor of sacramento after a devastating play-off game!  (want to know more?)

2. every year a buy a day planner, and by february…i’ve already stopped using it.

3. i wear jeans to work everyday.

4. i spent 87 dollars on dog food today.

5. i eat green vitamins.  regular vitamins upset my stomach…since i’m such a delicate flower, and all.

6. on fridays i grab bagels on the way to work for me and my coworker.

7. i used to watch the muppets as a child.

8. i once hit the pin from 60 yards, blind shot up hill.  and  haven’t hit a good shot since.  2 people saw:  my brother and the greens keeper.

9. lawnmowers freak me out.

10. i love picking wild raspberries.

and, naturally,…i’m tagging mtp, buzzy and muttsnsuch!


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Good thing you had witnesses to your golf shot!
Re #1: Yes please. You’ve managed to formulate an intriguing teaser that mixes together sports, academics, and municipal politics. Eh?

Comment by lavenderbay

Anyone who didn’t watch the Muppets as a child was painfully deprived …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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