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irritating voice?
February 26, 2009, 6:52 am
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oh….o.k. here’s a random fact: i have an irritating voice.  and you know what?  i don’t care if it’s irritating.

cuz….the dog is cute, and she doesn’t seem to mind:

seriously, i’m feeling SOOOO misanthropic tonight.  in fact….PLEASE . . . DO  NOT LEAVE A COMMENT.  my aggravated self will only scorn you.  (just kidding!  how could anyone be peeved looking at that puppy smile?)

but…to cheer me up…here’s another video of pickles!

cute, eh?  in case you’re new here, that’s my 10 month old border collie, pickles.  she is very lovable, and not at all irritating.

ok…go ahead and leave a comment. i promise not to scorn you.  but i’m still grouchy, damn it!

night night


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If it’s any consolation, everyone’s voice sounds suckier on tape than it does to the person speaking. It’s got to do with the bones in your skull that give your voice more depth and resonance to your own ears. I learned that in music class decades ago. Still can’t stand to hear my taped voice, though. 🙂

Comment by lavenderbay

that’s a totally interesting fact i had never heard before!

truthfully, my voice isn’t that squeaky all the time. i am squeakier at agility because pickles responds better to a higher pitch. isn’t she cute!!!???

Comment by goodbear


Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I’ve been enjoying your comments on OTHER blogs and glad you finally made the first official overture (!)

Your voice is not either irritating. Lavenderbay is right about it being pretty universal that we hate the sound of our own voice on tape, and why… I sure do, too!

Comment by almostgotit

welcome to the blog almostgotit!!!

Comment by goodbear

I’m afraid to leave a comment… 😉

I think we all hate the sound of our voices. I think your voice is very sweet, though.

Comment by Still Life in South America

hi still life! i was hoping you would stop by to see your pickypunk in action!

Comment by goodbear

I’ve always thought you had a cute voice!

I don’t really mind the sound of my voice on tape, but I hate watching video of myself dancing.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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