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must…not…lose ipod…..againnnn
February 28, 2009, 3:54 pm
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big plans for today!

frolic with the dogs in the morning. done

i actually have a job today!  good thing, too, as rent is due tomorrow and it kills the paycheck. done

then i have to go to the department store to buy some essentials.  the everyday clothes and staples that wear out after time. done…but unsucessful

clean kitchen. done

finish last website i will ever have to do. (hurray!)

rearrange living room furniture.

straighten up back yard. done

make a cd of photos for dog training center.

pack away winter clothes.

take dogs to a new trail.  i’m getting sick of our usual places.

oops, forgot to add these:

take bike to repair shop done

clean off desk

do laundry done

and the biggest, biggest chore…figuring out how to never lose this nano again.  you know where i found it?  in a bag of cody bear’s old meds.   and it is just so small.

ipodi can’t lose this again.


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I love those days! Hope you get to cross off everything on your list. 🙂

Comment by Still Life in South America

I like the lighting in that photo

Comment by Unknown

Agreed. It’s a really nice photo. But such a naughty Nano…

Comment by forkboy

See, I told you Pickles stole it! I’m sure she stashed it in Cody Bear’s old meds.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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