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February 28, 2009, 5:36 am
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there are many place here on our mutable and puzzling planet that  i want to visit.  and while i’ve already listed the countries i want to see, there are plenty of u.s.  hot spots i want to visit that i have not seen yet .

yosemite (i swear tori, i’ m going to come see you some day!)


appalachian trail

best friends – utah(not just to work, but to see muttsnsuch!)

great smoky mountains

channel islands (already have a guest bed!!!!)

denali (duhh)

the smithsonian and national gallery


a comfortable place to rest(i have no idea where this is….)

home(i also have no idea…)

actually…there are many more…but i want to find home first.



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You’ve got some nice parks and trails on your list! Is it Yosemite where the coloured mud pools are located? My parents raved about that.
When you get to the end of #3, give us a shout and we’ll provide you with some #10 for a few days (we’ll want to see allll your photos! ) .

Comment by lavenderbay

the first place i would go…if i ever get time to go…is yosemite. then channel islands. because i will already have a friend or two at those places. then probably utah.

Comment by goodbear

Awright, then we’ll get to see even more photos!

Comment by lavenderbay

Home is where the dogs are.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Yeah, Yosemite is number one on the list! Hurry up and get here, I miss you!

Comment by Tori

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