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sad news for goodbear and her family
March 31, 2009, 11:42 pm
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hi everyone.

i’m home.  home as in “back home.”  i came here to say good bye to my grandmother.  hard to say this:…. i didn’t get home in time.  she passed away at 10 a.m. while i was en route.

i’m o.k.

as sad as it is, that feeling is mixed with a joy that i had her in my life.  don’t get me wrong:  i heard the news in the airport when my family met me.  and sure, i had a silent movie type melt down. 

but i’m o.k.

would be nice if my dogs were here to snuggle and comfort me.  especially since it’s so flippin’ cold here. how do you people live in this weather?! how did iiiii ever live in this weather?!


“we’ll be good while you’re gone, we promise”
March 30, 2009, 5:33 am
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so, i’m leaving tomorrow and i’m not packed.  i can do it before work tomorrow, i suppose.  i sure hope my boss finds it in his heart to let me leave work early…

so i can spend a couple hours with these babies before i head back east:


picklesi’m glad to be seeing my family this week, but it hit me tonight…how am i gonna sleep without my munchkins.

they better not forget who i am!

they both got baths this weekend so they won’t gross out the pet sitter.  they’re all soft and shiny.  the cat is….indifferent.

uh ohhh, they’re ba-aaack…
March 30, 2009, 12:49 am
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there’s a tiny guest house on the property rented by a musician.  this afternoon i was working on a site project when the musician came to my door asking me to come over and help . . . keep the bees out.

naturally i was intrigued.  honey bee hives on the property are never good news.

the landlord is sending someone over to eradicate the bees making themselves at home in her kitchen vent.

they’re sneaking in here:


uh-ohyou know i don’t like getting up close and personal with a hive.

anyway, i got up on her little ladder and taped the vent shut above the fridge.

the end.

save the beetles!!!
March 29, 2009, 4:46 pm
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we did a sunday morning hike again, but this time cody brought his friend hannah.  here they are after the hike.  as you can see, cody bear is happiest when he has spent time in nature.

hiking-with-hannahand i met this cool guy.  v. brought her dad along.  as soon as cody bear saw him he melted. “that man has to cuddle meeee!”  he loved this man.  and he was a really nice guy and he volunteers for the center for american burying beetle conservation! in a nutshell, it sounds like loss of habitat and insecticides are playing a big part in the diminishing numbers.

wish i could blog more, but i have so much to do.  just wanted to pop on and let you all know that cody had a great morning.  going to take him and pickles shopping now!

it’s a sea cow. you know.
March 28, 2009, 9:41 pm
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hello everyone.

since i am going home to see my grandmother and the rest of my respectable family (cough) (dramatic pause) i thought it was a good idea to lose the wild shaggy blog vixen hair do and go back to cutesy.  ha ha just kidding: i know i’m not a vixen, but it was fun calling myself that.

so, before:

beforeit has been SO long since i’ve visited my family, they can use my after picture to spot me at the airport…


afteralso, i may get to meet a blogger friend and take some pictures of her dog when i’m home!

so,…here we are…in my bathroom.  that picture in the background is of a mom and a baby manatee, naturally.  and a paint chip from when i was toying with the idea of painting a small space a dark color.  wild woman.  “don’t you know that is decorating danger?”

i was just toying.  i’m keeping it white.

you may be wondering, “hmmm. wonder why the top of goodbear’s head is so bright….”  that is because i have a skylight in my bathroom.  i believe the feral cats huddle around said skylight during their midnight meetings where they plan on how to better torment my dog.  sounds like it anyway.

currently my bathroom is home to a large moth.  he was in the shower this morning and when i pulled the curtain back i didn’t know what it was right away….so i sort of half-screamed.  buzzy and r. have only been gone ONE DAY and i’m already scared of pollinators????  i miss you guys.   hope you’re having fun in your remote, pollinator haven with limited cell and internet coverage. sigh….

rush hour wild kingdom style
March 28, 2009, 5:37 pm
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took the dogs for a shortski walk a few minutes ago.  just a constitutional through the neighborhood.  as we’re nearing my driveway i see a coyote tritty-trottin’ up the street toward us.

rushed the dogs inside…grabbed the nearest camera.

yote1cheeky fellow, looking right at me.

these were taken from my driveway.

yote2know what is strange about the following photo?

yote3not the coyote.  i see him all the time, usually around noon when i’m home for lunch.  no, what’s strange is the sudden traffic.  we NEVER get that many cars driving up the road at once.  6 cars suddenly.

ok, back to work

friday was rated “r” due to adult language…and pickles works on her xmas list
March 28, 2009, 3:25 pm
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friday, 7:27 am
phone rings
d: “hey goodbear…are you bringing pickles to day care?”
gb: “oh sssshhhit!”

and thus began my day.

work was a mess. i must have dropped the f-bomb 50 times by 9:30. friday’s are usually cake, but we were slammed. then around 3….dead quiet. i tiptoed out 30 minutes early to go pick up pickles from day care and get home in time to watch the cats get clobbered through the static on my television. must get converter box today.

pickles had fun at day care….eventually. at first she just watched everyone play and clung to d. but then she got her sea paws and tried some romping. she gets intimidated if too many dogs are playing rough at once.


once i got there, she decided to parade all of the cool new toys in front of me.  “look at THIS one!”

“ooh. nice toy pickles.”

“look at THIS one.”

“sweetie, that’s just a tennis ball, we have those at home.”

dcbellahere she is with her new friend bella, a labradoodle in need of a good brushing.  bella and pickles were destined to be friends:  it’s march and they’re both still wearing christmas collars.

now it is time to start cleaning and packing, then shopping for supplies for trip and for the pets while i’m gone.  and a hair cut at 1.  and finish a web project for a client.  it is such a beautiful day, i wish i could just take the dogs to the wash.  oh well.  cleaning is JUST as fun…(choke)

aggie postemon’s list of demands
March 27, 2009, 10:50 pm
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well, not so much a list of demands…

but first, who IS aggie postemon?  it’s me.  it’s my alias.  my nom de guerre, if you will.  you see an agapostemon is a bee!  get it:  aga…postemon? and we know i love bees.

here cody bear says, “shut up and get to your list of demands.”


1.  i would like to leave work now.  it’s quiet and my head isn’t in the game.  plus….the cats start playing in 10 minutes!

2. i want a cute, funny guy to come over for dinner every now and then who will pretend to like my cooking!

3.  i would like world freakin’ peace people! 

4. i would like to buzz on over to yosemite, but after i go home next week i’ll be out of vacation time. 

i guess that’s it for now.   

wait no…

5. i would like a latte…STAT!

wordless – why you should never use this pillow when napping at my house
March 27, 2009, 2:28 pm
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histamines and an anti-playlist
March 27, 2009, 2:19 am
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just got back from a lovely hike with the dogs, and where i thought it would tire them out….it’s only got them restless and wanting more.  it must be the wind. i got out of work a little early, grabbed the kiddos and headed to a park in the foothills.  i’ve been there many times before and didn’t even know they had a trail behind the picnic area that went to a riparian area with trails and crazy birdlife!  i think the dogs could sense that i was excited for the find because they got even bouncier and smilier while walking through the dunes.

but…the wind that has got me sneezing!

ok, here’s my anti-play list.  my 4 least favorite songs of all times:

1.  the song i hate the most:  “we built this city on rock and roll” by jefferson starship.  this song makes me want to chuck bricks at ewoks. i hate it….with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns.

2. “your body is a wonderland” by john mayer.  shut up…i hate your song.

3. “you’re beautiful” by james blunt.  creepy stalker song.  it’s not music to me, it’s audible flotsam.

4. “human” by the killers.  stupid stupid irritating.

speaking of crap….look at all the shit hanging from my trees:

treesbird cage, one of 7 bee nests, oil lantern, oak leaf wind chime, terra cotta pot.  oh there’s more people.  there’s more.