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bouncy ears and the like
March 1, 2009, 5:39 pm
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we went for a hike today.  it was supposed to be a walk along the river, but, well, it was windy and something embarrassing happened.  (winds 35mph with gusts up to 53)

so we’re walking along:  dogs wearing smiles and me in my old long sleeved shirt from a national park years ago.  i love it: it’s way too big and nicely faded with a quote from walden on the back.

we had just crossed a bridge over the river and were approaching a dog that started barking. we turned to go the other way, but just then a giant beagle charged the fence.  the three of us freaked, pickles fell over, i dropped her leash, cody started barking at the incensed beagle. i bent down to pick up picky’s leash and one of those 53mph gusts blew up the back of my shirt and pulled it over my head.  when i bought the bright orange sports bra last year i thought, “it’s ugly…but who will ever see it?” ohhh, just everyone at the river park.

with one hand i held pickles’ leash which was twisted around her and the leash of the barking cody bear. and with the other i tried to right my wardrobe malfunction.  people…walking towards me.  i turned the dogs around and headed over the smaller foot bridge to the mountain bike trail.  retreat retreat!!!

it’s rough and rocky and  is ideally suited for mountain bikers and the recently humiliated.

it was a tough walk.  the winds were hard on the dogs.  we would have to climb up the embankment to get out of the way of bikers and other dogs.  plus they got barked at more than they like.

on our way back to the car the sun was on our backs and the shadows were long.  our sihlouettes before us:  two sets of bouncing tipped ears and a bouncing pony tail on top of my head.  i smiled.  we’re a family, the resemblance is obvious in the shadow.  we’re bouncy and smiley, this pack.

happypickat home the dogs had happy heavy breathing,  looking up at me all proud of themselves and content.

sleepybearthey’re trying hard to stay awake now, but the winds have exhausted their senses.  they’ve smelled more than enough for the day.


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Oh to have been there and enjoy the scene you describe! Orange sports bra….that’s a hoot!

Comment by forkboy

Oh the lengths you go to for good material to blog about. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Comment by Dave & Hannah

Hey, orange is my favorite color! I have an orange watch, at least four orange shirts, an orange pullover, and I would have an orange car if I could get away with it …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

What Dave and Hannah said. Good thing these wardrobe malfunctions always occur in the morning, or people might suspect you’d been into the brewski.

Comment by lavenderbay

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