cody bear's friends

a message from cody bear for his friends
March 3, 2009, 5:59 am
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the following is a message from cody bear:


apie….i love you!  have a purple haze and a hot shower and start fresh tomorrow. things WILL get better. and…again…i love you!

t.j.  be strong and be happy.  i’m wagging because you love your sally and you have a huge year ahead of you.

pennycat….please take care of my momma.

checkers….let’s go to wales & england!

fish….feel well soon. mom wishes you well and so do i! wag wag.

buzzy….write write write damn it. WRITE!

now, excuse me, but i have to get back to romping and snuggling with my baby sister who loves me very much and says that…well…she says that i’m …”THE MAN” . but really, i’m the bear!

wag wag

cbnpicky1and that spit on my head…that’s from pickles.  she’s very uncouth, but i have to love her. she makes me happy.

cbnpicky2night night sweet pickles.


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When I first began reading this I thought it was some sort of farewell! It scared me! Glad it was only my over active imagination at work. Cute photos.

Comment by S. Le

ooops. sorry s. didn’t mean to scare you. he’s not going anywhere!

Comment by goodbear

You are The Man! And The Bear! You’re the … Man-Bear!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

thanks bear (or should i say man-bear?). that’s sweet.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

does this count as writing?

Comment by buzzybeegirl

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