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March 3, 2009, 3:41 am
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bees. there was some heated debate here at the blog regarding these bees.  and by heated….i mean 2 to 3 comments.  ligustica….or a ligustica meliflura hybrid?  one is safe, one deadly.

sunbeebut the bees are pretty.  and i have learned that the later in the day you catch them, the bigger their pollen sacks are.  ooh. . . that sounds weird.

sunbee2if you’re interested in learning more about bees, please visit buzzy’s site.

and if you’re interested in the conservation of bees, please understand that what you eat, where you buy, etc. all have an impact on our critters, but more importantly…the conservation of our critters has an impact on us.


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Deadly or not, the saddlebags on that bee would look good on a Harley! Nice capture.

Comment by lavenderbay

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