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clicking has replaced the swear words and i need to find my suitcase!
March 4, 2009, 1:20 am
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why is pickles smiling?

schmickleshe’s happy because i’m happy.  i’m happy because i have a new keyboard.  i think you will all notice a difference in my spelling.

i stayed home with the munchkins today.  i got a bunch of stuff done.  still behind on some projects, but …i’m gaining.

the plane tickets have been booked!  i leave for home march 31st.  i haven’t seen my family in two years!  i can’t wait to get home, even if it is one of those “last time you might see someone” visits.

glad i didn’t get around to packing my winter clothes this weekend…


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I really like your photographic skills and how you incorporate your animals’ lives into your blog. Bravo.

Comment by bronsonfive

thanks bronsonfive! and your blog is fun. i vote no on keira knightly.

Comment by goodbear

Say “hi” to Pennycat for me. I would say “have a good trip” but it seems to early for that.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Where is home if we may ask?

Comment by Daphne & Pruett

Hope you have a safe trip. Who will look after the puppies?

Comment by S. Le

I hope one of your sisters has barn boots in your size. At least, I hope it’ll be muddy there by April!

Comment by lavenderbay

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