cody bear's friends

entomologist has a keen eye

….even after i’ve given her fat tires to drink!

yesterday was a *#(&(*$ day.  but buzzy and her husband came over to bring me burritos of joy and help me put up “keep away” and “no smoking” signs around my fence in attempt to keep the neighborhood punk-ass kids from terrorizing cody bear.

moving on…

so we’re outside the fence and buzzybeegirl says, “is that a butterfly?”

“what? where?”

20 feet inside the fence, nestling under the trunk of a shrubbery in a pile of dead leaves and, of course, dog hair was this little butterfly.

vanessa1there are very few save places on the ground in my back yard, but she had found a good spot to rest for the night.

vanessa2after her photoshoot, buzzy gently returned her to her resting place.

that bee girl is so good at spotting things.  she can be out for a casual walk through the park and see the tiniest bee sleeping on a dense shrub branch.

ok, i have to go to work now. grrrr.

oh! sorry!  you want to know what kind of butterfly?

it is a vanessa butterfly.


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Hmm, who’s Vanessa and why does she have a butterfly named after her?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Beautiful! I have the same question as James. (We both say naff stuff.) lol

Comment by S. Le

Pretty butterfly. I guess buzzybee has to be good at noticing small things considering her line of work.

Comment by forkboy

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