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read this if your name is edward
March 9, 2009, 4:23 pm
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disclaimer, if after reading this post you are pissed off…i’m pretty certain that indicates that you have pissed someone off yourself….you just didn’t know it or you don’t care.

i try to get up early enough so i can take the dogs for a nice long walk before i leave for work.  i got up extra early today so we could go even longer than usual.  so when the dogs couldn’t go into the back yard because a skunk was in the neighborhood, it was no big deal.  i had extra time to exercise them.

so we hop in the car to go to our favorite nature trail.  even before i get out of the car i spot a coyote.  i could wait a while;  he’s probably just passing through.  i sat there for 5 minutes while the dogs squeaked “walk us walk us” but more coyotes materialized. they were chasing rabbits.  can’t chance it.

hop back in the car drive to a park.  not a dog park. a park where leashes are required.  you see, cody bear has only been attacked by off leash dogs at the park.  he is terrified of off leash dogs so we only go to leash required parks.  but signs are all over. leash dogs.

we get out of the car and start walking. edward pulls up with his two dogs and his kid.  my dogs are fine.  they see the dogs, but they’re fine.  then edward throws the ball into the center of the little park and the labs take off.  cody bear freaks out.  he’s terrified.  i calmed him down, but he was so scared he wouldn’t even have enjoyed his walk.

now, i understand edward needs to excercise his dogs. i have a border collie.  i get it, more than anyone:  dogs must have enough exercise.  again…trust me, i know!  but there are scads of off leash areas in our neighborhood.  and once again, i’m the one following the law and i have to leave the park.

when i had loki she was always off leash.  “it’s o.k. she’s friendly,”  i would say.  but if someone is scared of dogs, it doesn’t matter if a dog is friendly, when you see one coming at you your body goes into distress.  cortisol is released and your are experiencing actual fear.

i’ve met children while doing pet therapy that have extreme reactions to the sweetest dogs on the other side of the room.  edward has no respect for these people with this fear, or a dog with this fear.  at this moment cody bear is doing his best not to throw up.  he was terrified this morning.  but edward doesn’t care…because his dogs are friendly.

this happens all the time.

making sure my dogs get enough activity and mental stimulation is my priority every day.  i have two very high energy dogs, as you all have seen.  but please understand…you’re dog’s activities shouldn’t endanger anyone else, and that includes exposing them to the stress of something they are scared of.  so, if you are edward and you’re reading this post, or if you find yourself saying “it’s o.k. she’s friendly” alot please be respectful of other people and dogs.


i’m sorry if i’ve pissed you off, but i’m just looking out for my dog.  please, if you see a frightened person or a frightened dog and you are in a leash required area, please for their safety and the safety of your pet, leash your dog or leave.   if you’re in a leash free area, or it doesn’t matter, please go at it, have a blast!  i would, too.


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I agree with you entirely. One of the best things I learned in pet therapy was how you had to respect the views of others, especially people that didn’t want to be visited by your friendly dog. I hadn’t realized how inconsiderate it was to have your dog run towards someone, even if your dog just wants to say hello and wag, if that person doesn’t like dogs.

Sorry the goodbear pack had such a rough start to their day.

Comment by Hannah

I also agree gb. Having a reactive dog myself I completely understand where you are coming from. There have been several instances where off leash dogs have run up to Hoju and let me tell you, having a pissed off 80lb dog is no fun. He can hurt another dog. And what choice would he have. He is restrained and this strange dog approaches him quickly. Don’t blame my dog that I have been working with and have been considerate enough to leash as the law states. Because of so many people who have their dogs off leash, I have resorted to having o walk my dogs around 10pm at the park when no one is there. Even if Ruben is gone. I’m alone with my dog at 10pm at the park. Why must I do this and they get the roam? Think about it this way. If you were at a restaurant and someone had children with them, would you think it was okay if a child came up to your table, grabbed some food from your plate and ate it? They don’t mean to be rude, they are just being kids. I doubt anyone would like that. You would expect the parents to control their children, right. Well, all I expect are people to control their dogs and respect the space of others. If leashes are required, leash them. Your dog may be friendly, but they may also upset other dogs. Respect it people!

Comment by buzzybeegirl

A nation of sociopaths.

Comment by S. Le

I am in complete agreement with both buzzybeegirl and Hannah! I never have Monroe off a leash (I don’t go to dog parks, though) and it really DOES tork me when other folks don’t respect the fact that there is a reason there is a law. I keep my little guy on an extension leash so I can pull him back in quickly, if need be, while others, even if their dog is leashed, let theirs have the run of the place. Very inconsiderate…not to mention, how do they know how their “friendly” dog is going to respond to a dog a fraction of its size, whoc is growling as they lunge forward?

Though it sounds a bit spiteful, I do hope that Edward gets his comeuppance! I wouldn’t want his dogs to get hurt but maybe a bit of bite on the hind end for him would be good!

Comment by sambissell

Don’t have a dog, but is it possible to say something to Edward? Would that be uncomfortable?

Sounds like he is blissfully unaware.

Comment by Still Life in South America

Wow. Skunks, Coyotes, and Ed, each animal worse than the one before. I’m sorry you guys had such a lousy start to your day.

Comment by lavenderbay

YES!! I hate it when I am walking my dogs who are either dog aggressive or leash aggressive and there are these dogs all off leash without their person around. I have to turn around and sometimes walk an extra mile or two. You could say something to Edward or like me the other day after having to pass 3 off leash dogs, I just let out a big AAHHHHHH!!!! I felt much better. hehe.

Comment by mutts & such

I checked and my name is not Edward, so I’m good. Some people don’t get it. You’re not one of them, thank goodness!

Comment by Checkers

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd that a nicknaym for edward is teddy so i am pretty shoor that wot yoo enkownterd wuz an eevil teddy ruxpin in disgize i meen wot else but an eevil stufd toy wood so sumthing as dum as let there unleeshd dogs run over and bother sumbuddy elses leeshd dog in a nonleeshfree park??? ok bye

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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