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March 10, 2009, 3:50 pm
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hi everyone.

i wanted to thank you for leaving comments expressing your understanding regarding the whole leash situation, and for specifically understanding that i am just looking out for my cody bear.

9-14b1he’s my guy and i just want to keep him safe and healthy.  you all know the struggles he has with his health, and while he looks so healthy physically, he has a delicate tipping point.

now, i want to mention that edward is a neighbor of mine.  and he is a hell of a nice guy, so are his dogs.  i meet him on the street when i’m walking pickles and he’s walking his labs.  and like stilllifesays, he is, in fact, blissfully unaware.  next time i see him i will ask him to respect the leash law at that park.  glad i didn’t yesterday, cuz i was so mad and well, people who know me well know i use the Fbomb alot when i’m pissed.  he was there with his daughter. plus, i just wanted to get cody bear out of there.

i don’t want my leash free readers to hate me.  i’m not some cranky person who is always ragging on law breakers.  you will never see me complaining about dogs off leash if they’re in a place without signs. i promise.  i just want the leash sign places to be a haven for my cody bear.

the primordial truth is that dogs who are sick are vulnerable to other dogs.  and the animals know that.  many trainers agree one reason cody bear has been attacked so frequently is because the dogs know he is unwell.

cody bear knows he’s sick, and he also has been hurt too many times to trust random dogs.  i’m not coming after any of you without leashes.  i take pickles to leash free areas all the time.  don’t think i’m coming to get you if that is your situation.  i just won’t take cody bear there for his own safety.

anyway…it’s so great to be part of this international community of dog lovers.  and every day i’m thankful that you all stop by to see what cody bear and pickles are up to.  your compassionate and silly comments frequently brighten my day.




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That picture is *so cute* I can hardly stand it. Can I come over right now and give the little guy a good cuddle and scritch?

Comment by almostgotit

Ohhhhhhhhh so cute!

Dogs can definitely tell when another dog is sick or fearful. We’ve had dogs that have seemed perfectly friendly toward Tucker and Trixie (both very confident dogs) suddenly turn into bullies when they meet Dennis.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

What a sweet photo! There isn’t a good answer to the leash problem. People are Sociopaths at heart and will do as they please.

Comment by S. Le

Well of course we read your stuff. We enjoy it. While some say that a day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine, I must say that I prefer Pickles to oranges any day.

Comment by lavenderbay

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