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my mom has this saying….
March 11, 2009, 9:56 pm
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“falling ass over teacup.”

i don’t know where it came from, but i know how to do it.  i did it this morning, in fact, when i was hit from behind by cody bear and pickles running hell-on-paws after a cat.  they ran right through me, knocking me into the air completely horizontal to the earth.  i came crashing down flat, with just my right elbow lower than the rest of me.

elbow divot

elbow divot

i tried to find my ass print, but that was long gone.

they hit me so hard that one of my “not uggs” slippers flew about 15 feet or so.  i lay there stunned, wondering what was going to hurt the most.  sort of afraid to move.

the back is ok.  the cat is long gone.  the dogs have no idea their mom is sitting at the office with an ice pack.

dogs will be dogs, i suppose.


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What a tough way for goodbear to start her day. I’ve been blindsided by dogs before and you really have to experience it to realize what a shock and blow to the body it is. Good luck with your recovery. Nice photo of the divot, by the way.

Comment by Abacus

It’s a wonder you didn’t break your tea cup. Glad you weren’t badly hurt! Hope you feel better soon.

Comment by S. Le

did you swap insurance info?

Comment by buzzybeegirl

HA!!! Ass print!!! (sorry…people falling makes me laugh) I do sincerely hope you’re ok.

Comment by Elizabeth

Ow! I’m glad you’re okay.

Comment by lavenderbay

Here is a purrrfect example of why “cats” are safer pets!

Comment by pennycat

“I felt the earth move under my feet”

Comment by PennyCat's HM

Glad you are okay. I’ve been tripped by my cats before. I remember being achy for days after! Take care of yourself. 🙂

Comment by tam

thanks for the concern everyone. and welcome to the blog abacus. i’m “counting” on hearing from you again.

Comment by goodbear

Tucker took out my father one time while brain-cramping around the yard in New York. Wham, right in the back of the knees!

I think in my family we call that “head over tea kettle”.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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