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hello dog sports fans!
March 13, 2009, 2:49 am
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months ago i bought some frisbees to use as target plates for agility training.  we never really needed them, so they have just been laying around.

today, on my lunch break, all of a sudden pickles discovers one and becomes obsessed.  she learned how to catch in minutes and already knew drop it.

naturally, after learning the big news of the day, she had to produce!

here she goes for distance:

oh, and outtakes, too!

i know you think i have an evil laugh.  but she was smiling too, i swear!

her biggest challenge is picking it up if she misses the catch.

so don’t miss, right picky punk?!

not to be forgotten, here is cody bear with his paw bump:


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the last video doesn’t come up. where’s my cb!

Comment by buzzybeegirl

it is working. probably it just didn’t work because so many people are watching it!

Comment by goodbear

Now that I have watched them all I feel complete.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

What fun! Already knowing “Drop it” must really add to the enjoyment for both of you.

Comment by lavenderbay

LOVE the videos! Can never get enough of dogs in action!

Have a great weekend!

Comment by Christina

Those are great! I love the one with Miss Picky not being able to pick up the frisbee.

Comment by Elizabeth

In no time, Pickles will be going the distance on football fields and jumping up over barrels, through hoops, catching multiple frisbees…and becoming a Star, winning thousands of dollars and becoming a reigning Champ in AZ!

Comment by Sam

Hey, Cody Bear. Word.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Way to go Ms. Pickles!!! Keep up the great works sweetie! 😉

Comment by Chris the "Stunt Dog Guy"

They are such perfect companions.

Comment by forkboy

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