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snaps from mi casa…for friends to see!
March 15, 2009, 3:46 am
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while buzzy was studying and photographing my sexy bees for her thesis, i thought i would try some snaps, as well.  here are some photos from my place.  all of these are either in my front or back yards or can be seen from my yard.

my house has grey water.  that means my laundry is allowed to drain in the back yard. these flowers are growing at the drainage area.


very tiny and pretty…growing at my grey water.

if you were here, i would give you a beer upon arrival, then we could kick it in the back at this table while the dogs ran laps…

fris1while buzzy was taking pictures of bees sleeping in the mallows, i found one that hadn’t been inhabited yet. i promise to give you a link when she posts her latest sleepy bee post.

mallowyou guys already know i’m a photography cheater. i spray my spider webs with water to get them to glisten….i make buzzy stand behind my flower if i need a blue background.  i ONLY cheat at photography.  nothing else, i swear.  (my mom will disagree with this next time i beat her at canasta)

pepsmy rental has a guest house, and the tenant has some nice night time lights.  this is from my front yard.

i’ve never noticed how out of place this tree is!

strange-treeyou’ve probably seen this behind a fast moving cody bear:

gfencethis has been sitting in front of my house for three days.

gabandonon day one there was no…artwork.

gstopare you surprised you can see this sign from my back yard?  if so…why does it surprise you?

this last shot is an aloe in my front yard.  i have hundreds of them.  because of terrah, i tried a new angle.  i call it terrah’s angle.


she hasn’t realized yet what a great photagrapher she is, but…because she IS so awesome…she’s taking over my dogdailyphoto blog when i go home!

so that’s the place.  we love company, me and my dogs.


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The stop sign does surprise me; somehow I had pictured your place in the middle of a block, not on a corner.
What surprises me even more, however, are the mountains in the background. Apparently I have a very hard time drawing high hills in my mind’s eye when imagining far-away places.

Comment by lavenderbay

I think the artwork on the television says, “Free — Please Take”. And the artwork on the stop sign says, “Please come to a complete stop and look both ways before proceeding. A rolling stop is not a complete stop. This means you.”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I think I’d like to sit, enjoy some cold beer and watch Pickles and CB run amok. That would be a great way to spend an afternoon.

Comment by forkboy

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