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time to get your paws dirty…
March 15, 2009, 5:20 pm
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up at the crack of dawn to take cody bear hiking with some special dogs and their drivers/feeders/holders-of-leash.

the trails were outside of town on a winding road.  many tributes along the way.


this memorial was right near the entrance to the trails:


so many emotions swirl when you see one.  how sad.  how remarkable to be loved so much.  how striking a contrast:  the stark desert life with the colorful tribute to someone who has died.

it was so cold this morning and the heater in my honda decided to take the day off.  i was all bundled up and loving the beautiful morning.  cody bear and i were so happy.  we were doing on on leash hike with two other sets of people and their scaredy dogs.   it looked beautiful to me…and it smelled beautiful to him!

offroadtypically you will find horseback riders, hikers, off-roaders…and…wildlife.  cody bear went to pee on a bush and “flushed” a cottontail out.  good thing i had a grip on the leash.  he was SO excited.  cats schmats.

here we are…

ushikingme and my wonderful, lovable guy enjoying the cold air while being harangued by woodpeckers.

don’t worry.  as soon as i got home pickles had some intense frisbee play and some speed demon activity in the back yard.  they’re both sleeping right behind me.  i’m going to wake her up and make her go on a walk with me right now….

later taters.


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Hi goodbear — I’m happy you guys are having a better time this weekend! Here is a sweet story about black and white border collies that I thought you might enjoy:

Comment by Laura

oh gawd laura! thanks for sending me to that blog so i could get a good cry going!

Comment by goodbear

Are those pigtails I see in your reflection? That looks so cute!

Comment by forkboy

yes!! it’s very hard hanging around with cute dogs all the time. they make you step it up a notch with the cuteness.

Comment by goodbear

haha. I was going to mention the hair. so very cute…Sounds like a great morning!

Comment by mutts & such

I was looking at the hair too! Funny how much interest Goodbear’s shadow engenders …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

[…] important to …M. Tornado Puppy on why it is always important to …Dennis the Vizsla on time to get your paws dir…mutts & such on time to get your paws dir…goodbear on time to get your […]

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I absolutely HATE road side tributes/memorials. I don’t understand why somebody wants to decorate and remember where their loved one died in a tragic accident! I mean, how could they forget?!?


V nice photo of Bear though.

Comment by S. Le

Codybear flushes when he pees — that’s hilarious!

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] on hiking with cody bear….i nearly lost my arm when cody “flushed” out a rabbit.  but today’s post isn’t so much about wildlife as it is the drunk […]

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