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is goodbear moving to ireland!?!?
March 17, 2009, 4:45 am
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“Aggie Postemon took the “Where should you live?” quiz and the result is: Ireland Aggie took Where should you live? quiz and the result is Ireland You belong in Ireland. You love the countryside and you want to spend your life being surrounded by green. You love small towns where you can relax in the pub and have a chat, and several pints! Sunny destinations aren’t important for you, you’d rather be in this beautiful country, where the people are chatty and down to earth and where culture surround you everywhere you go.”

so, i did my first quiz on facebook today.  funny enough, st. patrick’s day and all, my results were ireland.  i’ve HAVE been there…and i DO love it.


pickles says, “hell yes!  there are tons of sheep there!”

oh…you crazy border collie!

by the way,…aggie postemon is goodbear’s pseudonym.  it’s a bee! agapostemon.  clever, huh?

wonder what the bees are like there.  i already know the dogs are cool.


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Wow, with a travel recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want to be in Ireland?
Pickles might enjoy New Zealand too, all the sheep she can heard, plus fabulously diverse landscapes, laidback people, Maori culture, and no internecine warfare.

Comment by lavenderbay

Pickles would be in heaven!

Comment by S. Le

That quiz told me I should live in Paris. Ummm, no, I shouldn’t …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Pickles will be disappointed to hear they don’t have palo verde beetles on the Emerald Isle

Comment by Abacus

but they have SHEEP!!!!!

Comment by goodbear

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