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is this a stupid idea? or is this just what we need?
March 17, 2009, 8:59 pm
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hi blog readers and blog friends.

i have a stupid idea.  is anyone interested in a book group of sorts?  you see, so many readers of my blog are clever and well read.  you guys leave witty comments and your blogs are so creative.  and i just thought i would toss the idea out there.

we pick a book, then a variety of things could happen:  perhaps we set a day to finish the book by, and on that day we each post our thoughts on the book. orrrr, each book one person leads off with a discussion opener on their blog and people join in the comments.

part of me thinks, “how about a group that discusses fiction involving dogs?” but i don’t know if there are enough good ones out there that would interest people.



stupid idea?

opportunity to showcase your big brain?

here pickles settles down with a good stick….

book-clubborder collies are very smart: they don’t NEED to read.


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Yes, I would be very interested in sharing thoughts about books about dogs; especially non-fiction titles available at my local library. There always seems to be a new release on animal behavior. Good luck with getting us started…can I help? Thanks.

Comment by fiddleheadfilly

i was thinking fiction. would that be interesting to you fiddleheadfilly?

Comment by goodbear

I would be interested. I just read, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” and LOVED IT! I’d love to find other books out there like this one. This book is written from a dogs perspective. Keep me posted on this and other’s thoughts.

Comment by Christina

I would participate, if the book were available on Kindle. 🙂

Comment by Drunkbunny

I’d be up to try… gives me motivation to pay off that pesky $35 library fee. (Not my fault, BTW)

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Fiction would be fine with me, too! It may be easier to view the discussion if all the comments were in one place. — But, hey, maybe different people’s blogs could host each book…and the previous host could be responsible for recommending the next book and deadline and link to the subsequent host…
I look forward to hearing from you.

Comment by fiddleheadfilly

I’m not witty enough for such. But if anything comes of your idea let us all know. Who knows….I could change my mind.

Comment by forkboy

ok, this is a great idea — in theory — and i’d be all for it … i think. i’ve never followed through with a book club obligation, though … so, count me in for a solid mayhap with a possible no-show on gathering night.

Comment by M. Tornado Puppy

I’ve been thinking of adding a forum to my website. If you want, this can be my motivation to get this done (really isn’t tough I’m just lazy aka I need my boyfriend to do it) and we could have an area dedicated. Let me know your thoughts on this idea.

Comment by Christina

excellent! it looks like we have enough interest to do it.

how about we make it informal? pick a book, have it done by a specific week, post on our blogs anytime near that date, then add on christina’s forum?

i’ve never been in a book group before, (well one failed attempt…but it wasn’t my fault. i’ll tell you about it sometime) so please all add input.

has anyone already read “the dogs of babel?”

Comment by goodbear

I’ll work on getting that up and running over the next week and let you know. I think it would be really cool. We can talk about things other than books too – taking suggestions for discussion board topics. I know I will have some dog stuff as my blog is straight up dog. COOL!

I’ve never done a book group either so we can mold this to be easiest on us all who seem to want to participate but not in the most formal way. I’m thinking we put up a main board for book club. Then topics are each book. Then we just start a thread to discuss amongst ourselves, etc.

I’ve never read that book? Thinking it should be our first? Have you read it?

Comment by Christina

Eeeee! Late to the party but would love to join. The Dogs of Babel came out in 2004, so it should be in most public libraries (that’s where I borrowed the copy I read). Here’s a preview on google books

What a lovely idea, goodbear. Such a great way to usher in spring.

Comment by thetexfiles

[…] Tags: dogs, reading, fiction, books, book group, blog book group hi everyone!  so cool to see that some of you are interested in doing a blog version of a book group with books that involve dogs!  so, why don’t we get […]

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hi everyone. i added a post about the new book group:

Comment by goodbear

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