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it was fun, at first. but now it just peeves me.
March 17, 2009, 7:47 am
Filed under: life

so far…. i kind of hate facebook.

am i a loser?


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Never been on it, never wanna be on it. Even Checkers said I’m not missing much with this sort of thing (he’s been playing on Twitter lately) . “Lavenderbay is reading blogs and eating Irish oatmeal with maple syrup.” Really, who wants to know?

Comment by lavenderbay

I guess we are amazed by the amount of time that people waste on this site. I know it’s great to catch up with old friends, but people just get sucked into wasting hours of their days.

Comment by pennycat

The constant updates drive me nuts.
No, I do not care that you are vacuuming, just like I’m sure no one cares that I’m filing.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

I had a Facebook and didn’t like it. I like Twitter better. Twitter is just more straight forward. Sort of hit and run. Facebook is nearly a commitment. I’m not into social networking so it did nothing for me.

Comment by S. Le

I’ve been using Facebook slightly more lately since we started a group for the studio, but I continue to ignore the dozens of invitations that pour in to play this game or that game or to give so-and-so a marshmallow peep.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I love it. I have found long lost high school classmates and cousins I haven’t talked to in years!

Comment by Gina

I don’t hate it…it does what it supposed to do quite well. I just don’t like the Twitter-like personality it has. Short snippets of communication. I like to e-mail. IM. Something more substantial.

Comment by forkboy

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