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new development regarding cody bear
March 19, 2009, 9:35 pm
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bad news or good news, people?

i knew it!  ghouls!  you want the bad news, huh?

remember frog night?  that was tuesday, around 8, pictures around 10:30.  i had checked his mouth that night and yesterday, but this morning cody bear woke me up making licking noises.  he usually makes licking noises before he throws up, so i had him cuddle up in bed so i could rub his belly.  (if you’re new to this site….cody bear is a dog, mind you.)

we dozed back off.   woke up and romped in the yard.  appetite fine. no licking. extra playful with pickles.

when i came home for lunch today he was licking his nose incessantly.  i pulled up his upper lip and he has to growths that look like pale pink smallish raspberries on the inside of his lip beneath his nose.  now his muzzle is slightly swollen.


the vet loves cody bear, so she is squeezing him in at 4:30!  thank god.

ok, here’s the interesting quote:  i was talking to buzzy on my mobile about his raspberry growth thingies and she says after a while, “hey….listen….i have to go.  i have to catch the next tractor and it’s almost here.”

ha ha.

here’s the other interesting thing that happened today.  twice someone from the prison called my work blackberry this morning.  an automate spoke the message except the inmate said her own name:

“this is the county prison.  inmate….JANINE….is contacting you.  this is not a collect call. you will not be charged for this call.”

naturally, since the phone is in my boss’s name, I asked him if he had an ex named janine.  he didn’t laugh.

ok, now the good news.  wait, i don’t actually have any right now.

i’ll let y’all know what the vet says.


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Here is to hoping it is nothing of consequence!

Comment by forkboy

thanks forkboy. the dog looked at the symptoms, heard the details and determined: he’s doing better than he should be! who’d a thought? a delicate little guy like cody bear…not only not having stomach upset, but actually taking a toxic toad and rallying back.

and yet, …he learned no lesson. he’s turning into an assassin.

Comment by goodbear

tsk tsk codybear!
toads isn’t tasty for a reason!

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Can you have your mobile provider block that number? I find it slightly creepy!

Comment by S. Le

If your boss leaves town now, then you’ll know he really does know Janine …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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