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is that….elk? and a word about underdogs.
March 24, 2009, 2:06 am
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elkthe elk in a moment.  but first….underdogs.

underdog #1…tahlia.  checkers and gina know what i mean.  wink wink.

underdog #2. wildcats.  even more so, russ pennell.  it’s hard to fill the shoes of an iconic coach.  an iconic coach that i, for one, am glad has moved on.

underdog #3.  you.  GO FOR IT!

now the elk.  i have yet another dog trainer friend, j.  at pet fairs he baits the ground in front of his table so when people try to walk by the dogs go, “wait wait…we want to stop here!”  the the folks walk on over and the rest, my friends, is history.

so at work saturday he tossed some game in front of ye old dog photographer’s work space.  but…nothin.  hey!….i guess i’m the underdog!


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I sure do know what you mean! Underdogs rule!!!

Comment by Checkers

Doesn’t look too appetizing. He shoulda used $20 bills instead. That would get MY attention.

Comment by S. Le

checkers…i was referring to america’s next top model. you better be watching!

Comment by goodbear

Are the ANTM street riots still going on, or has that settled down now? I heard vast tracts of New York City were in flames …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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