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blogger book group starts with an excited virtual wag.
March 25, 2009, 3:58 pm
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hi everyone!  so cool to see that some of you are interested in doing a blog version of a book group with books that involve dogs!  so, why don’t we get started?

it looks like many of us are new to this so we’ll see how it goes.

i recommended we start with The Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst and there were no objections, so why don’t we try it?  then next month maybe someone else can recommend another book?  if you’ve already read this book, will you please join in on the discussion after reviewing it?

1.  christina is going to start a forum on her blog for discussion.

2.  how about we all try to finish the book by 4/30/…09.  (i’m nutso with travel preparations so I can’t start reading it this week.  hopefully i can get some reading done on the plane.)

3.  AROUND the 30th, maybe we could all post some reviews on our blogs, then open it up for discussion on the forum.  if the forum isn’t up, we can just comment throughout the week on someone’s blog entry.

4.  no pressure.  it’s our first try.

any thoughts?

thetexfiles provided this link for info on the book: .  it’s a popular book that has been out for a while, so should be in libraries, bookstores and on-line.

to date we have solid “yes, let’s do this” and a few “i’ll try, but i don’t know”s from the following bloggers:




stephanie of stopbouncing




and me, goodbear.


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Working on the forum now! I’ll put up another comment – and send you the login details if you want to email everyone. You’ll have to go to my site, create a login/pswd, and then you can start contributing! WOOHOO! SO COOL! All of this if my brain doesn’t explode first figure out the details of the forum. Keep ya posted…

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

um. am i slow? don’t answer that. can you send me your email address. i want you, goodbear, to go ahead and register with the forum as part of my test subjects (queue evil laugh) if you don’t mind. 😀 want to make sure i got this thing right before we start taking over the world.


Comment by Pruett&Daphne

I’ll bow out of this first one, since it’s not available on Kindle but I’ll be watching from afar 🙂

Comment by Drunkbunny

drunkbunny. can you choose the next book?

Comment by goodbear

We’ll still get you the forum info so you can keep up with whats going on and yes – pick the next book!

Comment by Christina

I’ve had a bit of time to contemplate it and I think at this time I’ll have to beg-off. My plate is a bit full, especially with spring coming on. Sorry.

Comment by forkboy

After all this hard work – you are all going to bail on me! 😛 LOL! No problem. Goodbear – I can post to the DWB (Dogs With Blogs) News Feed that I’m a part of and put it up on their forum and I’ll have my pups write a post about it once we’ve got it running.

Comment by Christina

no worries, forky! just check back and read our pithy reviews!

Comment by goodbear

don’t worry christina. i think the group will grow as time goes by.

good idea about the dwb. (i’ll have to check out the dwb!)

Comment by goodbear

I would suggest Merle’s Door. However, it’s a fairly common book (I’ve already read it, and maybe the book club has too?)

Comment by Drunkbunny

Tex and Principesa reporting for duty. How can we help? And, a Dogs with Blogs newsfeed? OMG!

Comment by thetexfiles

So lets just go ahead and kick it off. I”m working on getting the forum complete for my purposes but the Book Club section is ready to go. So as long as you keep that in mind when visiting the site I’ll be a happy camper. It is a work in progress.

Go to:

create a login and password. And magic. You are in. Click on the forum for Book Club and start posting. Of course feel free to post anywhere you like and provide any feedback. My vision for this is a big community that talks about not just dogs but life in general. So I’ve added a section to discuss all things blog, etc. Again – still a work in progress. Please email me if you have any questions or problems.

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

oh yeah

Main Site

News Feed:

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

Oh yeah and that stuff i just posted is about the dogs with blogs. not my site. that is in the comment before that. oh geez. hope i haven’t caused confusion!

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

Your dogblog book club sounds like fun. I’ll see what I can do to get my life organized enough to join in on the first book (f’rinstance, will need an address before I can get a library card! ) .

Comment by lavenderbay

Count me in!!

Comment by Elizabeth

I would like to join! I have already read this book. And would like to recommend “Walking in Circles before Lying Down” for the next read.

Comment by daisydog

hi daisydog – head on over to the forum, sign up and make your suggestion there so we make sure to keep track of them all in one place. so exciting!!!!!!

Comment by Pruett&Daphne

I’ll check our library out tomorrow and hope to begin reading soon. If they don’t have it, they should be able to order it for me through their county system. I’m looking forward to this!

Comment by fiddleheadfilly

Heh cool idea. I love dog books and went to Borders yesterday for Polar Dream by Helen Thayer (her dog accompanies her to North Pole). Anyway didn’t have it so will try yours and join in. How exciting 🙂

Comment by Hilary

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