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my new lcd barrier protects me from all harm….
March 26, 2009, 7:53 pm
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the pc fairy visited me while i was on work errands.  i got a new computer and two new 19″ lcd panels.  overkill? perhaps.  my last pc was….(ooh, the words i could choose are offensive.)…we’ll just say bad. it was bad.

it was on its side on the floor, open with a power supply that didn’t fit in the case.  i kept putting my foot in it.  dropping the sesame seeds from my bagels in there.  nice. 

now i’m big time here behind my lcd fortress.  all the rays from the monitors are blinding. 

quiz: how many pictures of dogs are in this picture???


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Brilliant! Nice boss? Good to have 2 monitors! All the better to look at dog snaps on!

Comment by S. Le

I’m going to have to start calling you “Ms. Galaxy” now …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

yes! yes! please do!

Comment by goodbear

You asked how many pictures (not how many dogs). My guess: One on the wall, two on the desk, one on each monitor = five. I’m assuming that the colourful sticker on the door isn’t a dog picture.

Comment by lavenderbay

Are you left handed? I notice the mouse is to the left of the keyboard……

Comment by forkboy

clever you, forky, to notice. i mouse with my left, but every thing else is right handed. ‘cept the following:
disclaimer, i’m not a hunter and i don’t like guns and i’m not into sport target things.
that being said:
i shot guns left handed
and i shot archery left handed.

(grew up in a gun family. now i’m the only non-republican non-gunshooter.)
but everything else i do with the right hand.
oh, except i use a fork with my left.

my mom is the same way.

Comment by goodbear

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