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aggie postemon’s list of demands
March 27, 2009, 10:50 pm
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well, not so much a list of demands…

but first, who IS aggie postemon?  it’s me.  it’s my alias.  my nom de guerre, if you will.  you see an agapostemon is a bee!  get it:  aga…postemon? and we know i love bees.

here cody bear says, “shut up and get to your list of demands.”


1.  i would like to leave work now.  it’s quiet and my head isn’t in the game.  plus….the cats start playing in 10 minutes!

2. i want a cute, funny guy to come over for dinner every now and then who will pretend to like my cooking!

3.  i would like world freakin’ peace people! 

4. i would like to buzz on over to yosemite, but after i go home next week i’ll be out of vacation time. 

i guess that’s it for now.   

wait no…

5. i would like a latte…STAT!


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Isn’t Cody Bear a cute, funny guy? And I know he likes your cooking!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Lessee. Join Greenpeace and start a vegetarian singles’ club within the organization. Then you can travel (on the protest ship) , work towards world peace, and meet quirky vegan guys. That covers just about everything but the latte, which may not be considered politically correct (cruelty to cows or something) .

Comment by lavenderbay

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