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friday was rated “r” due to adult language…and pickles works on her xmas list
March 28, 2009, 3:25 pm
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friday, 7:27 am
phone rings
d: “hey goodbear…are you bringing pickles to day care?”
gb: “oh sssshhhit!”

and thus began my day.

work was a mess. i must have dropped the f-bomb 50 times by 9:30. friday’s are usually cake, but we were slammed. then around 3….dead quiet. i tiptoed out 30 minutes early to go pick up pickles from day care and get home in time to watch the cats get clobbered through the static on my television. must get converter box today.

pickles had fun at day care….eventually. at first she just watched everyone play and clung to d. but then she got her sea paws and tried some romping. she gets intimidated if too many dogs are playing rough at once.


once i got there, she decided to parade all of the cool new toys in front of me.  “look at THIS one!”

“ooh. nice toy pickles.”

“look at THIS one.”

“sweetie, that’s just a tennis ball, we have those at home.”

dcbellahere she is with her new friend bella, a labradoodle in need of a good brushing.  bella and pickles were destined to be friends:  it’s march and they’re both still wearing christmas collars.

now it is time to start cleaning and packing, then shopping for supplies for trip and for the pets while i’m gone.  and a hair cut at 1.  and finish a web project for a client.  it is such a beautiful day, i wish i could just take the dogs to the wash.  oh well.  cleaning is JUST as fun…(choke)


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“We drop more F-Bombs by 9:30 than most people do all day.”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

It’s draining, all those last-minute details, no matter how long you’ve been planning the trip (or at least it was in my case) . I hope all goes well for you!

Comment by lavenderbay

nice that Pickles friends are based on collarware.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

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