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March 28, 2009, 9:41 pm
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hello everyone.

since i am going home to see my grandmother and the rest of my respectable family (cough) (dramatic pause) i thought it was a good idea to lose the wild shaggy blog vixen hair do and go back to cutesy.  ha ha just kidding: i know i’m not a vixen, but it was fun calling myself that.

so, before:

beforeit has been SO long since i’ve visited my family, they can use my after picture to spot me at the airport…


afteralso, i may get to meet a blogger friend and take some pictures of her dog when i’m home!

so,…here we are…in my bathroom.  that picture in the background is of a mom and a baby manatee, naturally.  and a paint chip from when i was toying with the idea of painting a small space a dark color.  wild woman.  “don’t you know that is decorating danger?”

i was just toying.  i’m keeping it white.

you may be wondering, “hmmm. wonder why the top of goodbear’s head is so bright….”  that is because i have a skylight in my bathroom.  i believe the feral cats huddle around said skylight during their midnight meetings where they plan on how to better torment my dog.  sounds like it anyway.

currently my bathroom is home to a large moth.  he was in the shower this morning and when i pulled the curtain back i didn’t know what it was right away….so i sort of half-screamed.  buzzy and r. have only been gone ONE DAY and i’m already scared of pollinators????  i miss you guys.   hope you’re having fun in your remote, pollinator haven with limited cell and internet coverage. sigh….


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Hmm … I rather like the “before” picture, you little blog minx you.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Our new, used dining room table is about the colour of the first or second paint chip. I’ll alert you to the photo-filled blog entries so you can catch up when you return from New York. Have a great trip!

Comment by lavenderbay

I hate to say it, but wild blog vixen hair IS cute! Very cute.

Did I mention it’s cute?


Comment by forkboy

you’re sweet forkboy! i think i can still do wild blog vixen hair with this new cut, it’s just shorter.

Comment by goodbear

Maybe it’s the lack of light on the top of your head, maybe it’s because the manatee picture is hanger straighter and more in focus, but I must agree that wild blog vixen hair is cuter. But the new look is adorable too. Let’s call it blog vixen lite.

Comment by Abacus

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