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checkin’ in before work.
April 30, 2009, 2:09 pm
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wow, it’s been hard to blog.  so busy.  don’t have much time to take photos, then when i do, they sit on my camera for weeks.

i’ll give you a quick run down, then i have to head out to work.

– cody bear had a week of gastroparesis roughness.  he’s doing better this week

– pickles is going through a TERRIBLE stubborn streak.  border collies…sigh…

– i screwed up my laptop and it’s spread out in pieces at work

– FINALLY got my new electric toothbrush when i got my federal return.  i was so happy i was swinging the bag as i left target. i love it even more than my old one.

and like i said, i haven’t had time to take pictures, so here are some shots from a really cool cemetery we went to when i was home earlier this month.   it was cold and rainy/snowy that day.



cem3i’ll try to give you some updates as they happen.  especially since i know you’re all missing cody bear and pickles.  they’re fine and they say hi.


big ole cactus…tiny bees
April 28, 2009, 2:38 pm
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we took a day trip and i got up close and personal with these gigantic saguaro cacti.

saguaroblossom1as you can see, these are very tall.  we were lucky they were all over, even beside the road.  to get these shots i had to use my 75-300mm telephoto lens and stand on the back of the truck.  this shot was from about ten feet away.

this one is from about 5 feet away.   good thing because it is a much smaller bee!  it was about the size of a large grain of rice.


see how tall they are?

saguarothe entire area was packed with bees, but we weren’t scared as they were all native bees.  we didn’t see any honeybee swarms.

several varieties of bees were wallowing in the saguaro blossoms.  other native bees were buzzing around about a foot above the ground.  everywhere you looked you saw a bee flying around.

it was great!

sometimes pretty just isn’t enough if you want to make it as a model…dogs.
April 27, 2009, 1:18 am
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and another sunday rolls around.

we decided to practice.

cody bear practiced holding still for natural light portraits…


very serene cody bear!  you’re a natural at smiling with your eyes.  tyra banks would enjoy this shot.

pickles practiced her posing…

sundayposevery high fashion pickles. very editorial.  noted fashion photographer nigel barker would love this shot.

and i practiced my photoshopping.  if you click here you will see a photo that once had a piece of agility equipment that is made out of white pvc pipe.  it’s gone now.  i need much more practice on the photoshopping!

art show…but not how you’d think…
April 26, 2009, 8:25 am
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if the day begins with hashbrowns…it’s gonna be good.  but lets not dwell on breakfast…

the hike to the petroglyphs was easier than i expected, so we went a little farther. i have to say….i had a good time but i was sad i didn’t see more wildlife.  not one single raptor.     and no snakes.

but this was a fun surprise:

cairna cairn.  i love these things.  i tried to keep them up in my back yard…but certain fast moving cinnamon bears kept knocking them over.

and of course, the whole reason we went to this site:

.rockyrockooh, yeah baby, petroglyphs.

rockyrock2ancient peoples.  writing about the sun, mankind, eternity, and mammals. gotcha.  scholars don’t really know for certain what the icons mean, but they are all over the world.  sun sign.  biped.  random mammal.

that sounds about right.  they were pretty much everywhere so many centuries ago.

but, there too, also… (that’s how alaska governors speak)

there, too, also,…were some pretty scenes.


it was a pretty and peaceful hike.


no dogs welcome here, but in retrospect…it would have been too dangerous.  venomous snakes, lizards, scorpions, nasty-ass-boars, mountain lions, prickly-spiny things.  it made me definitely consider moving home so the dogs can be safer on a saturday morning walk.

having a super fantastic saturday?
April 25, 2009, 2:36 pm
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just an update before i head off to breakfast and hiking.  i haven’t blogged as frequently, but i notice many of the blogs i follow haven’t been either.  what’s up with us?  busy perhaps?

some nice new developments:

1.  one of the guys at work got a new puppy and, lucky for all of us, he is bringing him to work with him.




his name is buddy and you can learn more about him here.

2. i finally am wireless.  so now i am in my back yard clicking away while dogs enjoy nature.  there’s a humming bird nagging at me as i type.

3.cody bear’s nausea appears to be lightening up.

4. and the biggest news…plans are forming for my trip to yosemite!  t….i’m coming so make sure your couch is ready!

well, i better get going. 

have a super fantastic saturday everyone.

fresh on friday. fresh veg, that is.
April 25, 2009, 6:02 am
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it ended with c, l and myself dining al fresco in my back yard while cody bear ran around and pickles trimmed the grass.

basilall pickles had the energy to do was snack on grass tonight. she had dog day care today and is wiped out.  (however…if i were to pick up the leash right now…she would suddenly be rejuvenated)

tonight i made a salad consisting of fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, spring mix, mini tomatoes, cucumber chunks and balsamic dressing.  i also made tortellinis with sauteed green onion and zucchini in a basil and garlic tomato sauce with fresh oregano.  and i got a great crusty bread, too.


it was the first time c and l came over for dinner.  their table manners were very good and they are fun to chat with.  next time they come i might grill something.

it was a perfect night.

tomorrow i’m meeting friends for breakfast, going hiking then cooking for dancingbee, buzzy and buzzy’s dad!  how fun is that?  fun, very, very fun.

oh the birthday paper carnage.
April 23, 2009, 2:06 am
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pickles turned one this week…so did my boss’ human child.  both “children” had a party saturday night.

when i went to leave work the following monday i saw this beast leaning against my car:


cute mi jeffe.  cute.  it’s too big for his home dumpster, at least it’s too big after the 200 pounds of birthday wrap that probably was in there. so he brought the thing to work and thought it would be cute to leave it by my car.

so i go to leave for the day with my coworker, n.  he’s like “what the (*(#*& goodbear!  seriously, what the (*&*^”  for a minute he thought i had a crazed stalker with a sweet tooth or something, but i figured it out pretty quickly.

all in all, pickles’ birthday celebration was a great party. plenty of lovely folks came, gifts were given to picky and her big brother, cody bear.  very festive.

well, we’re off to agility now.  night dearies!

the bedroom meme…no worries, it’s g-rated
April 21, 2009, 6:24 am
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dennis tagged me on the bedroom meme.  it should be a simple meme: post three interesting scenes from your bedroom. (sounds naughty, no matter what)

as i’ve mentioned….i sleep well.  seriously.  in the past i was always been a bad sleeper, but one thing i have conquered is the sleep situation. NO ONE sleeps better than me.

and ever since dennis tagged me, it has been obvious to me that the lack of interesting things in my bedroom is what makes me sleep so soundly. so it was work coming up with these meme photos.  so here gos.

now…dogs are obvious. as are dog toys, so this shot doesn’t count:

brobvioushowever they are comforting and do contribute to my successful sleeping.

but moving on to the actual meme.



a broken alarm clock.  it goes off at 6:26.  i cannot change the time.  it either goes off at 6:26 or not at all.   can’t move it forward…can’t move it back.  should i get a new one? yes.  but first i need a new electric toothbrush to replace THAT broken electronic device.

moving on…

2.  the loki memory panel

brlokiclick here for info on it, but basically it was a tribute made by a friend in memory of the dog of my heart, loki.  it hangs in the west facing window of my bedroom.

and 3. by the back door….


…dehydrated beef livers and a mag light…naturally.

you see, in the back yard the dogs have a variety of chase distractions: cats, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, cars, birds, lunatics, beetles, basketball players.  the dogs come when they’re called, and i reinforce this frequently with treats.  also, right by the back door is a large mag light.  we go outside late at night sometimes.  i need to find and/or beat the beetles/lunatics that may be hanging out.

funny thing about this meme, it came right in the middle of the re-feng shui-ing of my bedroom.  in summary,  it is a place of rest and solace.  and all the mag lights and beef livers in the world won’t interrupt my sleep.


nose hair
April 18, 2009, 9:08 pm
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nose-hairpoor pickles has cody bear’s dog hair stuck on her nose.  she looks pretty pissed about it, too.

it only happens once…
April 18, 2009, 4:34 pm
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pickles is turning ONE tomorrow!  happy birthday pickles!  what better way to end goodbear’s party season. that’s right, one last party…tonight.

as i approached the cashier with 4 bottles of wine, 2 cases of beer, one grolsch, paper plates and 2 packs of AA batteries, he says to me, “here comes the party.”

to which i ALMOST replied, “my dog is turning one this weekend.”

walking to the car i thought, “this IS sort of silly.” but then i smiled with the thought that i know so many great people that want to have fun and love my dogs.

and then i started wondering why the hell i’m trying so hard to be such a hostess lately.  who knows, but we’re having a good time.

anyway, back to the point of this post.  pickles is turning 1.  many friends have asked, “what does pickles want for her birthday?”  the real question is “what does pickles need?” nothing.  the dogs still have unopened christmas presents.

when cody bear turned one he asked everyone he knew to make a donation to the shelter he was adopted from.  pickles is doing the same.  the two are quite competetive: she hopes to raise more than he did, he is confident she won’t because she isn’t as …fluffy as he is.  siblings!

so, if you’re interested here is a link to the rescue group pickles came from.  but please let me know in a comment if you donated, as there isn’t a memo line and i…oops, SHE….would like to send a thank you.


i’m so thankful to have such a wonderful little girl.  she has made me and cody bear very happy.

here is the link if you’re interested:

pickles bday donation

thanks a bunch!