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hannah checks in and why i don’t feel like having a peanut just yet.
April 1, 2009, 3:50 pm
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i got a special message from hannah this morning.  i noticed she didn’t use my real name.  a blatant attempt to get on the blog.  i respect that….and ….i miss you, too, hannah.


i’m so stupid, i knew it was more than likely there would be a funeral for my grandmother, but did i pack any clothes for it? no.  dumb.

ok, before i give my sister her laptop back, and before i go shopping for a funeral outfit, i do have to tell you about one of the many characters i encountered while travelling yesterday.  let’s call him….dirty peanut crotch man:

so, i’m sitting next to this guy who was a little too large for airplane seating.  a row of 3 and he’s in the middle.  we had to leave the arm rests up and i had to squish as close to the window as possible to give him a few extra inches. (this was hard because i really am not into sharing my personal space with strangers.  i’ll share details, but space?…not really)

so, i fall asleep and when i wake up the guy is opening a grocery bag and pulling out a 1 pound bag of salted peanuts.  fine, i’m not allergic.  when he hears the refreshment cart is wheeling by soon, he stashes the bag away.

the flight attendant gives him some honey roasted peanuts and an orange juice.  i don’t get anything.

he was very excited for these new peanuts.  he drops one. it falls between his legs.  he reaches for it, but now it’s under him.  he’s hunting. digging.  it’s rolling around on the airplane seat where many many people have rested their buttocks.  he finds it.

he pops it in his mouth.

later, once the attendant has collected his trash, he opens his stach of peanuts and has a few more.

we landed about an hour later.


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ewwwwwwwwwww, crunchy crotch peanuts!
But I guess when you NEED those extra 15 calories for survival…

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Yuck with a capital Y. Also hilarious. hehehe

Comment by Gina

there are no words for the peanut guy. And how did d teach hannah to write?

Comment by buzzybeegirl

This reminds me of the episode of Friends when Ross found and ate a “peanut” on the floor under the bed in his Las Vegas hotel …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla


Comment by S. Le

Ewww. We are sorry to hear about your granmum. ((hugs)) from all the friends at Daisy’s blog!

Comment by daisydog

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