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fairways and finally fur
April 3, 2009, 2:53 am
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my sister had to work today, so my brother-in-law and i had no choice but to walk nine holes.  i was scared, as it has been almost two years since i last attempted golf. and it wasn’t like i was any good back then.  oh no.


let me say, i’m not a very competitive person.  i sometimes keep track of the number of putts it takes me, but typically….on each hole i usually give myself one of the following scores on the card:

a smiley face, a frowney face, a kitty cat, a middle finger,  waves(if i lose a ball in a water hazzard), a tree…..etc.  you get the picture.  today i actually had many smiley faces!  that surprised me very much.  i’m my biggest enemy on the fairway, let it be known.  but today was really fun. 

the second highlight of the day was going to the dog park  and meeting one specific dog: oliver.  i haven’t seen my dogs since monday and i was dieing for some snuggling!  isn’t he cute!?


oliver is a very sweet dog.  i met him and l. and h. at the ithaca dog park.  he was hard to photograph because he was so fast!  but he let me rub his ears and scratch his back.  thanks oliver!


so, here’s what is interesting.  i never knew l. and h. and oliver.  we met through our blogs!  just met today in person for the first time.  they’re very nice, but i knew they would be.

also, i saw this:


folks at home don’t know what that is.  dearies…that is WATER!  doesn’t it look refreshing?  boats float in it.  that is where fish come from.

it was warm and sunny today, but once night fell it was time to bundle up.  i’m exhausted.  night sweet blog world adieu till whenever….


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Hey … is this a blog crossover? It is! It’s just like in the comic books! How cool is that?!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

P.S.: I thought fish came from the deli …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

The dock-re-loading-rite-of-spring!

No turning back now!

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Hey Goodbear — thanks so much for meeting us— we had fun! I’m glad to know that it isn’t just me who finds Oliver difficult to photograph. You still managed to take some nice shots though!

Comment by Laura

it was a lot like the buffy/angel crossover, but with less intrigue and far fewer vampires.

Comment by goodbear

Are there vampire dogs?

Thank you for meeting us and taking pictures of Oliver. We were very sorry about your loss. Oliver hardly ever takes to anyone so it was very special that he cuddled with you.

We also have some very photogenic waterfalls.

Comment by muddledblog

Oliver is very handsome. Of course, I Love the malamute he is playing with…naturally drawn, I suppose.

Your golf scoring is delightful. that’s how we should keep score in life. What does the kitty cat mean?

Comment by Elizabeth

in golf a “kitty” is when you have already reached par and aren’t even at the green yet, but then you get there and you putt o.k. and you think, “damn, if only my tee off had been better this could have been a smily face.
but to stay positive….you draw a kitty.

Comment by goodbear

Oliver ought to be in movies, I think.

The photo of the dock looks a good deal better right now than it will in 2 months, when those slips will be filled and boats will be headed out to try and drain all the fish from the…ummmm… water. (I miss the water….I was raised on Long Island Sound in CT.)

Comment by sambissell

[…] that had some accumulation on it. Nothing like the really nice day we had on Thursday when Oliver showed off. Still, it is definitely spring here. Just look at the […]

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I won’t tell CB and Pickles you were unfaithful if you won’t!

Comment by forkboy

[…] my life, but there was time for a lot of doggie-related excitement this week.  In addition to getting to meet our blog-friend goodbear earlier this week, which was way awesome, something very exciting happened this weekend too — […]

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Great post, thank you!

Comment by Maggie Mae

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