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my, what straight trees you have – goodbear and the bro hit the trails

today my brother and i hiked a length of the finger lakes trail.


we didn’t go very far because i still am a snot head. (meaning i have a cold, not that i’m lacking manners)

it had rained all morning, so the ground was covered with soggy leaves and puddles.  cold damp air is foreign to my lungs; it was a nice change of pace.  fresh mossy smells, not the dusty trails of home.





we only saw squirrels and one bird.  no exciting wildlife, but there was a variety of mosses and lichens which i won’t see for a while.

our walk was through a pine forest.  the rows were so orderly, i had to ask who planted them.  a product of president roosevelt’s ccc, these pine forests were planted all over as a reforestation project meant to employ americans and conserve the forests.  3 billion trees were planted in 9 years.


it is a gloomy evening, but soon company will arive so we had better get a second wind.  i napped after our trek, so that will help….

later taters.


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You’re trying to make me miss New York, aren’t you? Well it’s not going to work!


Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I can just smell the damp soil and moss. I’m so jealous.

Hope you feel better soon! It stinks to be home and sick. 😦

Comment by Still Life in South America

man, I was hoping you’d be feeling better 😦

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Beautiful photos. I love walking through a pine forest.

Comment by S. Le

Love the last photo! Get well soon!

Comment by Christina

Love the out doors in these pics. Reminds me of here.

Comment by forkboy

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