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April 7, 2009, 2:07 pm
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the second thing i learned from my family upon arriving at new york was that my brother-in-law had just bought a new prius.  how exciting!

i love it.  my sister doesn’t like it…cuz it’s funny looking.



it averages 52.4 mpg. and it is very quiet.

his number one reason for purchasing it was the fuel consumption.  the car was the same price or cheaper than one that consumes more petrol, so he bought it.  it’s a sporty red color, too.

i can’t believe how roomy it is. everyone was surprised, you see…..he is 6’6″ and many cars are just too small.  but he sits comfortably in the prius.  so i recommend this car for tall people who want to help the environment, save on petrol prices or….irritate their wives.

and the car’s name is natasha.  i can’t remember why.


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Ah, I can attest to the roomy part. My best friend has a Prius and I can sit in the back seat comfortably. And I’m nearly 6′ tall. I, too, enjoy the visual aids offered by the prius.

Comment by Elizabeth

Cool! My brother just bought one of these:

Comment by S. Le

Ooh, a power button? Does it have a Start menu too?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Very cool, but your Kombi still gets better mileage. Surprising to hear how roomy it is but with their shape it does look like it would have a lot of headroom.

Comment by Abacus

At 6’4″ I too was surprised how much head room could be found in the the Prius.

Comment by forkboy

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