cody bear's friends

but…but…i was only gone 10 days
April 10, 2009, 5:07 am
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pickles: “what unholy thing happened here?”


cb: “what?!  a dog has fur, ya know?”

thebear3cb:  “and it was a tough winter”

i’ll tell you what happened here:   goodbear went away for ten days, and EVEN THOUGH buzzybeegirl stopped by in the interim to brush the bear….stuff grows, man.  stuff grows.

thehairi got back at a wretched hour this morning.  pickles was the dirtiest she has ever been and cody bear was a motley wad of fluff.  1st order of business:  bath that nasty pickles.  next bidness:…..brush the bear.

thestare1pickles:  “face it…fur happens”

people ask me all the time:  “he’s soooo sofffft….how often do you brush him?”

i think “often” is the word.  “often.”

….by the way….it’s really good to be back home.  home IS where the dog is.


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Glad you made it home ok!

Comment by Checkers

Oh, and you’re brought the Honorary Blue Bone of Happiness!

Glad your travels found you safe.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Welcome home. 🙂

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

You could make a fine pair of socks with all that fluff

Comment by Marcella

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