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portuguese water dog pictures…cuz we’re all curious about the “first pup”

the dog world is buzzing.  this week the obama’s are expected to announce the newest member of their family, a new portuguese water dog.

many people are searching for pix of this breed, so i have taken some from my other blog and posted them here.  (but  remember, i took these photos so they are the property of digitalmuzzle and you can’t have them.)

so, here are two of my friends, buccaneer and timbuktu.


pwd2they belong to my friends kathy and frank.  they are two of the nicest dogs i’ve ever met.  they are VERY active and intellegent dogs.   they are also very affectionate and social.  very happy dogs.  they like people and other dogs.


because they are very athletic and intelligent, they need a great deal of exercise.  giving your pwd a good workout or two every day will make them happy and will make you happy in turn.


these two dogs are extremely playful.  the breed does well in dock sports, swimming, agility and obedience.


pwd6for more information on these great dogs visit here:

and here:


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We had one of these guys in Tucker’s first agility class years and years ago. The PWD was a bit wild (to the point that he got kicked out), but we can attribute that to puppyhood and lack of training.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

And look….mugging for the camera as a Midwestern hayseed, chewing on a piece of grass like it’s straw!
Great pics!

Comment by sambissell

thanks sam!

Comment by goodbear

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