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the bedroom meme…no worries, it’s g-rated
April 21, 2009, 6:24 am
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dennis tagged me on the bedroom meme.  it should be a simple meme: post three interesting scenes from your bedroom. (sounds naughty, no matter what)

as i’ve mentioned….i sleep well.  seriously.  in the past i was always been a bad sleeper, but one thing i have conquered is the sleep situation. NO ONE sleeps better than me.

and ever since dennis tagged me, it has been obvious to me that the lack of interesting things in my bedroom is what makes me sleep so soundly. so it was work coming up with these meme photos.  so here gos.

now…dogs are obvious. as are dog toys, so this shot doesn’t count:

brobvioushowever they are comforting and do contribute to my successful sleeping.

but moving on to the actual meme.



a broken alarm clock.  it goes off at 6:26.  i cannot change the time.  it either goes off at 6:26 or not at all.   can’t move it forward…can’t move it back.  should i get a new one? yes.  but first i need a new electric toothbrush to replace THAT broken electronic device.

moving on…

2.  the loki memory panel

brlokiclick here for info on it, but basically it was a tribute made by a friend in memory of the dog of my heart, loki.  it hangs in the west facing window of my bedroom.

and 3. by the back door….


…dehydrated beef livers and a mag light…naturally.

you see, in the back yard the dogs have a variety of chase distractions: cats, rabbits, squirrels, lizards, cars, birds, lunatics, beetles, basketball players.  the dogs come when they’re called, and i reinforce this frequently with treats.  also, right by the back door is a large mag light.  we go outside late at night sometimes.  i need to find and/or beat the beetles/lunatics that may be hanging out.

funny thing about this meme, it came right in the middle of the re-feng shui-ing of my bedroom.  in summary,  it is a place of rest and solace.  and all the mag lights and beef livers in the world won’t interrupt my sleep.



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Nice post i just ran across your site. I have book marked it and i will be back. I look forward to your future posts.

Comment by mastersvip

Interesting stuff. Is that the end of a fruit crate under your clock? Looks nice. I like those. I don’t have any beef livers in my bedroom either dehydrated or otherwise.

Comment by S. Le

no, s. le. it is a box that holds two bottles of mouton cadet bordeaux. it now stashes hair accessories that i remove just before i fall asleep.

Comment by goodbear

I love that Loki memory panel more than anything in the world. I need to make something…still can’t face it.

Comment by mutts & such

The Loki memory panel is so wonderful. I think I know what a memory is; if it is what I think it is, most of mine are pretty good. Hope yours are too.

Comment by Checkers

And how do we know that it isn’t you who is snacking on the beef livers?



Comment by forkboy

I have one of those flashlights. You could do some serious, serious damage with that sucker.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Pickles looks sleepy.

Comment by bronsonfive

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