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oh the birthday paper carnage.
April 23, 2009, 2:06 am
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pickles turned one this week…so did my boss’ human child.  both “children” had a party saturday night.

when i went to leave work the following monday i saw this beast leaning against my car:


cute mi jeffe.  cute.  it’s too big for his home dumpster, at least it’s too big after the 200 pounds of birthday wrap that probably was in there. so he brought the thing to work and thought it would be cute to leave it by my car.

so i go to leave for the day with my coworker, n.  he’s like “what the (*(#*& goodbear!  seriously, what the (*&*^”  for a minute he thought i had a crazed stalker with a sweet tooth or something, but i figured it out pretty quickly.

all in all, pickles’ birthday celebration was a great party. plenty of lovely folks came, gifts were given to picky and her big brother, cody bear.  very festive.

well, we’re off to agility now.  night dearies!


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Happy Birthday, Pickles!

Comment by Laura

Holy cow, that’s something to find leaning on your car all right!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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