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checkin’ in before work.
April 30, 2009, 2:09 pm
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wow, it’s been hard to blog.  so busy.  don’t have much time to take photos, then when i do, they sit on my camera for weeks.

i’ll give you a quick run down, then i have to head out to work.

– cody bear had a week of gastroparesis roughness.  he’s doing better this week

– pickles is going through a TERRIBLE stubborn streak.  border collies…sigh…

– i screwed up my laptop and it’s spread out in pieces at work

– FINALLY got my new electric toothbrush when i got my federal return.  i was so happy i was swinging the bag as i left target. i love it even more than my old one.

and like i said, i haven’t had time to take pictures, so here are some shots from a really cool cemetery we went to when i was home earlier this month.   it was cold and rainy/snowy that day.



cem3i’ll try to give you some updates as they happen.  especially since i know you’re all missing cody bear and pickles.  they’re fine and they say hi.


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you sound like me. arg!

Comment by mutts & such

Did my weird mojo get tranferred to you gals?

Comment by Still Life in South America

Ohhh, I love old cemeteries from back east. They just don’t have proper old cemeteries out in these parts.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Glad to read CB is on the mend.

Pickles? Obstinate? Never! You must be misinterpreting her behaviour… 😉

Comment by forkboy

Lovely photos.

I know what you mean. Everything has sped up hasn’t it? I don’t have time for much either which is why I haven’t swung by here! sorry!

Comment by S. Le

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