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will the beers be cold by the time work is over?
May 29, 2009, 3:05 pm
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getting my new refrigerator today!  after having to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food.  cody bear and pickles were devastated that theire ground beef, turkey dogs and cheese went bad.  i was devastated that the chocolate soy ice cream melted, then i dropped it and it blew up all over me.

getting brakes fixed on the ole honda tomorrow.  thank god.  trying to stop in that car when you have any speed going is a bone jarring experience.

how are the dogs, you ask?  cody bear is doing great!  pickles is acting funny, like something hurts.  but, it could just be because she’s a border collie and…she’s crazy.  she only acts that way when she is wearing her harness to walk with cody bear.  drama queens, both of them.

here she is frolicking in last week’s rain showers:

raindayupdate: the new frigidaire was supposed to be delivered while i was at work around 10am.  buzzy was going to be here.  but they just called and they’re on their way now.  so i had to call in to my boss to be late. hope he’s not mad!

how it ends, how it begins
May 28, 2009, 2:18 pm
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lazy dogs. they were worn out yesterday after chasing imaginary cats, romping, fetching, agility.

sleepypiclounging on the couch, wondering what the hell you’re  doing up so late.

sleepybearsnuggled up, butt to butt.

sleepypawtotally relaxed.

sleepypaw1that’s how the day ends.

it begins with alarm going off, eyes opening.  border collie staring at your face.  without lifting head from pillow….you begin throwing a tennis ball from the bedroom to the kitchen.  on the other side of the bed the bear dog is sitting on the floor…staring.  you end your game of fetch and invite the bear up.  he rolls around, snuggles up tight and gets a good five minutes of cuddling and kisses, then he’s out the door to start chasing more imaginary cats.  meanwhile, your cat lays down on your blackberry, the alarm clock on the bed, and accidentally dials your boss.

and so life goes…

sometimes a doxie needs help
May 28, 2009, 7:42 am
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i…i ….got a dog.

and in so doing, i welcomed a heap of love, but also…a heap of vet bills. as expensive as the dogs have been…the love, the trust, the strength, the joy…they outweigh the credit card charges.

but sometimes the bills are painfully high.

monroe’s dad sam has been a loyal  visitor to all blogs related to photography and dogs. and now…his dog monroe needs help.


when terrah’s dog sally needed help he started a facebook group, initiated an email campaign.  now his dog needs help. his heart needs help.

close to my heart, i have to say that his dog is suffering from a side affect from steroids and needs surgery.  the same thing happened with my loki.

visitors, commenters, lurkers…..please click on sam’s link to learn about monroe and our circle of blogs that try so hard to improve the quality of life of these sweet dogs that live with owners who cherish them.

thanks.  thanks a bunch from me and my queazy cody bear and my clumsy pickles.  and from our dog blog friends.  any 5 to 10 bux helps this sweet little guy.

midnight in the garden with cody bear…
May 26, 2009, 2:21 pm
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grillin’ and waggin’ and snappin’ and such!
May 26, 2009, 6:10 am
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’twas a rich week.  full.  a full and rich week.

to recap:

zero dollars were spent on emergency veterinary care.  (and the angels sang)

my refrigerator died and sits dead.  food tossed away. coolers full of ice, berries, juice and dog food. (and the raspberries mourned)

buzzy has a masters and we all managed to survive her grad party.  a grad party, mind you, that was worthy of a reality television film crew. (and the bbq coals blazed)

the bearone near miss with a rattlesnake. (again…the angels rejoiced)

goodbear self diagnoses either water in the ear or a brain tumor.  (and the insurance deductible looms)

busy with photography, but that’s the best kind of busy. (tails are wagging!)

week predictions….

this week will be busy and kind of sucky at work, but saturday will be creative during the day and adventurous and sexy fun at night.


“you enjoy the party. we have everything under control.”
May 25, 2009, 3:03 pm
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sometimes it’s hard being a cody bear or a pickles.  having to be “on” all the time.  providing the venue for buzzy’s masters grad party was downright exhausting.  even more poeple to greet than usual for cody bear.  even more food droppings to monitor for pickles.

is it any wonder they’re exhausted?


i was socializing and wasn’t there to see pickles snatch a wrapped piece of american cheese from the grill area.  r & r had to take it away from her.

pickles was on cleanup detail.  she monitored the picnic area for food droppings round the clock.  cody bear alternated between his roles as wagging greeter and security, protecting the party goings from any cats that approached the fence.


see the scar left on cody bear’s nose by the evil feral cat?

waiting for the party to start….or,…sporting our insect finery
May 23, 2009, 11:54 pm
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as you know…buzzybeegirl successfully defended her masters thesis on the effects of urban fragmentation on the reproduction of trap-nesting bees.  you know that…right?

anyway…tonight we celebrate  right here at cody bear and pickles’ place!  tables have been rented, everything is in place.

even the dogs are dressed up:


yes, pickles DOES look pissed.  she hates bandanas, even though her gramma made them specially for these two bug lovin’ dogs.

and look at cody bear, playing the clown in this shot.  beebandana1put your tongue back in your mouth cody bear!  sheesh.  next thing you know, he’ll be crossing his eyes for pictures!

cody bear loves wearing bandanas.  he gets all waggy.  picky needs to get used to it because i love nothing more than a cute dog in a colorful bandana.  that’s my way.