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man down!
May 11, 2009, 3:45 am
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forrrrtunately i already have a vet appointment scheduled for cody bear’s quarterly check up.  since i’ve made his appointment he has some weird growth and then…today…one of those feral a-hole cats kicked cody bear’s butt today.  his little nose (remember his perfect nose?) is shredded.   he can’t put any weight on his back left paw and his ankle is swollen.

man downhere’s the weird thing:  every time cody bear has a tussle with a feral cat in our back yard he comes in and sits down and my kitty gives him the once over.  she will immediately start sniffing the injured area. so after today’s scrap she starts obsessing over his back left paw.  two hours later cody bear wakes up from his nap and can’t put any weight on that same paw.

interspecies communication?

also, miss pickles is too tired to give him a hard time enticing him to play.

man down 2i love this guy so much.   i never skimp on care.  i try my best to protect him.  but he just always seems to be falling apart.

i love my vet. she’s amazing….but…i think i might have to find a single guy vet that will marry me and keep my charges down!

just kidding. seriously, you have to love your vet.  mine would do anything for cody bear. she is always going the extra mile.  i don’t think he’d be around if it wasn’t for her.

ok, sorry bout the grim post.  a girl has to vent from time to time…


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OH NOES! Keep us posted on how the vet visit goes! 😦

Comment by GSD Adventures

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh no!!! poor poor cody bear and wikked nawty eevil feral cats!!! yoo tel those feral cats that a feersum vizsla is going to be coming to wurk them over!!! hay tucker how wood yoo like to go visit goodbear??? ok bye

ps i hope cody bear feels better soon nawty eevil wikked feral cats!!! ok bye agin

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I can’t believe you can get Cody to lie down with an ice pack. That is quite a picture.

Comment by Abacus

oh dear. He seems to be having a hard time lately. Maybe your cat has a new job. You know one of those sniffing animals that finds cancer or things.
I hope he gets better.

Comment by mutts & such

Poor wee doggy. Hope he heals quickly!

Comment by S. Le

I have seen you FB notes about CB and needed to catch up on reading! I hope the CB is feeling better…stupid cats!

I know the animals can talk to each other; it is so fascinating to observe.

And, agree fully that you must love your vet. We changed vets and drive very out of our way now because the vet is amazing. If we could take them to the place that Mabel went to get mended after the accident we would but that is waaaaaay to far. And FYI, the vet tech at my current vet’s office: H.O.T. I think he’s there just to put the ladies at ease.

Comment by elizabeth

elizabeth and her hot vet tech. that’s hilarious.

Comment by goodbear

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