cody bear's friends

“no you may not have gophers and turtles for breakfast.”
May 20, 2009, 3:19 pm
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yesterday’s pre-work walk was at the park.  most of it is paved, but some parts are through the field.  many places have critter holes.

so we’re walking along and as cody bear is sniffing and walking along a gopher pops up right in front of his nose. if his mouth had been open he probably would have popped right into cody bear’s mouth.

i screamed.  naturally.  it was early.  i was caught off guard.

we continue walking and about 10 minutes later we’re walking around the duck pond.  i wasn’t paying attention.  cody bear pulled and the leash went tight.  turtle.  i made him sit and look at the turtle, but…i think he wanted to eat that.  pickles….could have cared less.

“why we stoppin’ cody bear? why we stoppin’?”

starvingi ruin his good times.


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It appears he doesn’t know what’s on his speical diet. He also appears to have the same amount of self control as I do! lol

Comment by S. Le

Gofer broke Cody Bear!

Comment by daisydog

No gophers? No turtles? What IS for breakfast, then?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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