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on pins and needles….and pins
May 21, 2009, 7:12 am
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buzzybeegirl gave a stellar defense of her masters thesis today.  and while we KNEW she would pass the interview with her committee, we were still anxious with how long it was taking.

APPARENTLY she was coasting through the q & a while we were sweating it out in the courtyard.  her dear hubby dancing bee helped us kill time by getting permission from the currator to take us on an intimate tour of the insect collection!!!

annabeetlessee?  they have pins.


and those were goodbear’s favorite bees!

annanutsybeetleswhat the?  those legs are too long, ya freak show!

annasbfliesoh…now…those are pretty.


don’t be SCARubED…they’re just beetles!

annasmoneymothso we loved the insect trays, then we found out buzzy got her masters. in the meantime…i ruined my new white shirt by spilling coffee TWICE! (dork) and…i used the rest of my day to get some ADORABLE dog photos i will show you on dogdaily photo soon!


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Great pun, Goodbear. Impressive.

Congrats Buzzy! Is the next plan teaching?

Comment by Still Life in South America

thanks stilllife!
well, their next step:….moving. yep, they’re leaving me! her husband start teaching biology at a university in california and buzzy will find some job in entomology there.
and i will probably become scared of bugs again…

Comment by goodbear

At least now you’ll have an excuse to go visit Dennis the Vizsla Dog…

Should I tell you about the Volkswagon Beetle, with added metal legs, “impaled” halfway up a flagpole in somebody’s backyard, visible from the 401, near Cobourg, Ontario? Or would you rather not know?

Comment by waterjay

Oops, too late.

Comment by waterjay

hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay i — aiiieeeeeee jiant insekts!!!! run away run away run away!!!! ok bye

ps if yore frends ar coming to sandy eggo tel them to stop by ok bye agin

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

goodbear, i smell a roadtrip to san diego in the near future.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

i concur. isn’t that where we wanted to go beer tasting, as well?

Comment by goodbear

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