cody bear's friends

waiting for the party to start….or,…sporting our insect finery
May 23, 2009, 11:54 pm
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as you know…buzzybeegirl successfully defended her masters thesis on the effects of urban fragmentation on the reproduction of trap-nesting bees.  you know that…right?

anyway…tonight we celebrate  right here at cody bear and pickles’ place!  tables have been rented, everything is in place.

even the dogs are dressed up:


yes, pickles DOES look pissed.  she hates bandanas, even though her gramma made them specially for these two bug lovin’ dogs.

and look at cody bear, playing the clown in this shot.  beebandana1put your tongue back in your mouth cody bear!  sheesh.  next thing you know, he’ll be crossing his eyes for pictures!

cody bear loves wearing bandanas.  he gets all waggy.  picky needs to get used to it because i love nothing more than a cute dog in a colorful bandana.  that’s my way.


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Those two just look too cute! Contratulations, Buzzy!

Comment by Laura

Yay Buzzy! And I would keep an eye on Pickles, she looks inclined towards revenge …

Comment by Tucker The Much-Better-Than-Dennis Vizsla

I’d be p.o.ed too if my mummy put a dinner napkin on me and didn’t immediately feed me.

Hope you had a great party!

Comment by waterjay

One day Pickles may learn to roll that way. You know…it occurs to me that the issue may not simply be bandanas, but that she is wearing the same one as her big brother. She may need her own so that she can display her own personality?

Comment by forkboy

Too sweet in their matching bee scarves. Tres chic!

Comment by S. Le

Very Cute pics!

Comment by daisydog

Ha ha. Picky looks pissed! But awfully cute.

Congrats Buzzy!!!

Comment by Still Life in South America

lol. Great expressions on their faces.

Comment by iheartfilm

glad you guys all like their little dog mugs. you can imagine what it’s like living with these two….

Comment by goodbear

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